England Banquet 2011
But now what if somebody of you say, "Could Jesus be in Birmingham, then, tonight?" Yes, sir. He promised He would. "How would He be here, in the form of what?" The Holy Spirit, that's what He is, same yesterday, today, and forever. He's in the form of the Holy Spirit. 64-0409

Trying to find appropriate venues for camps is normally very difficult. Early this year, sites in Germany, Spain and England were looked at or considered for the 2011 European Camp. Countless hours were spent searching on line for the right place, only to have options fall through for one reason or another. Brother Joseph requested that we look at the possibility of a winter camp, during school vacations. Whitemoor Lakes Youth Camp, located outside Birmingham, United Kingdom was in the process of being built and was scheduled to be completed by October. It was the perfect facility for the camp and the dates were set for December 28–30. We even shipped an entire 20-foot container of material from our office in Jeffersonville so everything would be prepared and ready for the Holy Spirit to visit us during that time. Anticipations steadily grew as the plans came together.

The staff arrived on Tuesday morning, December 27 and spent the remainder of the day setting up the camp activities. A candy store, a coffee bistro, and a soft drink station were set up in addition to the gym equipment which included 9 High, Corn hole toss, Volleyball, and soccer. Ping pong and foosball were in constant use in the lobby area.

On Wednesday the youth came streaming into the camp, excitedly registering in anticipation of the days ahead. The camp schedule was simple: Relax and fellowship with one another, drink the free coffees, hot chocolate and soft drinks, eat candy, play games; simply enjoy one another’s company, while all-the-while, beginning to separate themselves from the cares and influences of the world. Like always, the activities are the “bait on the hook” to catch their attention.

Thursday morning the chaperones woke them up at 6:30 AM for coffee at 7:30, and then breakfast. They relaxed, played games, laughed, and enjoyed themselves. At lunch, we told them that at 3:30 PM they would need to get dressed for a banquet that was offsite at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The buses picked everyone up at 5:30 PM and they arrived at the banquet just a few minutes before the food was served. The food was outstanding. Sister Michelle Buitenkamp (one of the chaperones) mentioned that the Botanical Gardens once served as a venue for the royal family. Truly, that night it served the real Royal Family as the sons and daughters of God ate both natural and Spiritual food. The Message chosen for the banquet was "The Voice Of The Sign," brought by our special guest speaker, Brother William Branham. The Holy Spirit was present as the sermon touched their hearts. The service was over at 11:00 PM and it was an hour bus ride back to the camp. However, the youth (and a certain chaperone named Brother Gordon Tutani) were not through yet. They raised the rafters with “We Are Marching Over To Jerusalem.” Then Brother Gordon started singing “Our God Is An Awesome God.” You have never heard the song until you have heard it in four languages! English, French, Romanian, and Shona young people sang to the Lord with all of their hearts!

On Friday morning they woke up, got dressed, and packed their bags before 9:00 AM service. As Brother Branham brought "Be Certain Of God," it reminded everyone of the lateness of the hour and that you must check your life and be certain of where you stand with Him.

After the service, six young souls braved the icy waters and were baptized in the lake at the facility. It was so precious to see their happy faces as they gave up their old lives and began a new life, Hid with Christ in God.

The youth had to leave after lunch, and as they trickled out, the smiles on their faces showed that they were ready to face the world again, after their hidden time away from its pressures.

Although Brother Branham was speaking of Birmingham, Alabama in the quotes above and below this story, it rings just as true today as it did in 1964.

May the Spirit quicken to them, Lord, the reality. May they not miss it, Lord. Let them not be like something that's going to miss it, Father. May Birmingham catch its vision now, of the Presence of the resurrected Jesus Christ, a greater than all the prophets, a greater than all the preachers, greater than all the popes or the potentates, or whatever it might be. It's Jesus Christ, "the same yesterday, today, and forever," a vindicating Himself in the last days, by His promised Word. Grant it, Lord. I pray this faith, the prayer of faith, for them, as they pray for each other. In Jesus Christ's Name, we present it to You. 64-0410