Giving Thanks 2011

Brother Branham said on tape that if God gave him the choice to take any 25 years of lotted time on earth, he would take the last 25 years, from seventy-five to one hundred, to serve the Lord. He said this because he'd be smarter, wiser, more settled, and he'd know more about what he was doing.

Although Brother Branham isn't with us here in the flesh, this past Saturday we had the honor to serve a portion of saints in that age range, many who personally knew Brother Branham. They are still fighting the good fight in this last 25 years that God has lotted them, upholding the Message He brought to them so many years ago.

Every year we look forward to the time where we can say "Thank You" to these saints who have labored so long in the faith. This year we had a very special location picked out for their "Giving Thanks" dinner. It was a place that many of the saints had heard about and seen pictures of, but few had ever seen; Still Waters Lake.

The young sisters worked tirelessly the past several weeks to prepare this feast for the saints. From planning, decorating, cooking, and much more, they wanted it to be perfect for our special guest.

As always, it was a joy to see the bright, smiling faces of each one as they pulled up to Chapel Hill tent at Still Waters. We had valet parkers set in place and ready to greet our guest and shuttle their cars. Inside the tent was a welcoming Thanksgiving atmosphere of cheerful music, lovely decorations, and the roaring aroma of steaming turkey with the fixings.

It's no guess from the pictures that this group of saints had a wonderful time of fellowship over their turkey dinner. Throughout the afternoon they received some encouraging words from our young MC's and from Brother Joseph. The final special blessing we had in store for them was the Young Foundations Choir. Every year the local YF choir spends months practicing songs they will sing for the Lord to the saints. It was a sight to see, the young workers of tomorrow, if there is a tomorrow, pouring their hearts out to God’s veteran saints.

It was a day to remember, a day of Thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father and His children. One day soon, these saints will join with the younger on the other side in Glory, and we will all be at that perfect age of strength and beauty. We will listen for that familiar voice that led us to Christ, singing "Amazing grace how sweet the sound," and we'll find that little log cabin by the waters edge, and shed a few tears as we cry out, "Our precious brother!" Then we will meet the King of Kings, and He will wipe away all tears, and there we'll spend Eternity together.

Until that glorious day,

As long as I can stand on my two feet and walk around, what difference does it make how old I am? I'm here to serve the Lord, and that's it. Amen. That's good enough for me. He promised it. 63-1201E Just Once More Lord