Easter 2011

What if there wasn't an Easter? What if Mary would have found the stone still in its place, and Jesus' body still inside the tomb? What if He didn't rise from the grave?

Would we still believe? What would our lives be like? Would we be lost in the mess of this evil world, not knowing Who God is? Would we have ever heard the Name "Jesus?" Who knows what life would be like if there was no Easter.

But there was an Easter morning. Mary did find the stone rolled away from the tomb, and Jesus wasn't there. He conquered death and proved who He was. We do believe, and we are not lost in this evil world. We have a Refuge, a safe place away from the enemy of humanity. We are forgiven of our sins, and have a promise of Eternal Life. Our hearts are full of faith and love, not doubt and fear. We do know Who God is. All because of that wonderful morning we call, "Easter."

Oh, it's at that hour, friend. It's at that time. It's at those crucial, crucifying hours that we see the resurrection. It's in that time that when God loves to display His grace. It's in that time when God loves to comfort His children. The darkest hour this world ever seen was Good Friday when all hopes. All was written, all the hopes they had was what was written on paper. All the hopes they had was what some philosopher had said. And there was the Prince of Life dying at Calvary. It was the darkest hour the world ever seen. But Easter produced the brightest hour that the world ever seen, because all superstitions, and all doubts, and all fears were taken away when God raised Him up. 58-0406S

May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Who died and rose again on Easter morning, richly bless you this wonderful weekend.

Young Foundations