Cameroon Tape Service Testimony

This very simple, yet very profound testimony proves that God is still calling, and the Tape Ministry is still very much alive and moving in the hearts of even pagans. Whether there are five or five thousand, God moves just the same.

Few months ago, Pastor Joseph was having a Tape service with young believers in his church on a Saturday. They gathered to listen to a tape and take the quiz related to the sermon, as posted on YF.

During the last Tape service, God led the steps of a pagan to take part of the activity. He listened to the prophet preaching and decided to become a Christian. He was baptized and another brother and sister also got baptized.

Thanks to the Lord for Tape ministry. Here is a picture of the man that just got baptized after listening to the tape. He is now a Christian. He is in black, in the middle. The sister and brother in red next to him got baptized too. They are all Message believers now and are keeping pressing Play.

Sister Rachel - Cameroon

It'd be a selfish thing. If a man's heart isn't out to save his brother, there's something wrong with his heart. No matter what condition, if his brother hates him, if his brother's against him, if his brother's tried everything he can to tear him down, yet that man's heart pulls for his brother. He can't help it. There's something in there that just calls out, “Oh, my brother, you're wrong. But I—I want you to be saved.” And therefore you try with everything that's in you to get your brother to believe with all of his heart and come into the Kingdom of God. And now, that's the kind of a meeting we want to have every time. I've preached to—to hundreds of thousands. And I've preached to just four or five people. But I wouldn't be any more sincere with five hundred thousand than I would be with five people, because one soul is valued to God as ten thousand worlds. WMB - 55-0120