The Jesus Jar Program

Have you ever wanted to help someone in another country receive the Message of the hour? Now you can! When you send in your Jesus Jar donation, you can be a part of our world-wide missionary sponsorship program.

Every few months, we post a new project on our website that is just for Cub Corner kids to sponsor. Every young believer that sends in their Jesus Jar donation for the current project will receive a passport sticker of the country they've helped sponsor.

This program was introduced during our 2009 Easter open house. It will give you the opportunity to personally support needy believers around the world. Sponsorships could be anything from buying a motorcycle for a missionary, to buying food and clothes, Brother Branham children’s story books, Cub Corner magazines, or Lighthouse packages for other believers.

Become a part of this exciting project! Anyone can send in their Jesus Jars and take part in the sponsorships, but the passports are only for Cub Corner youth ages 12 and under. It’s a way that you can help, no matter how young you are.

Here's what you need to do:

  • If you don’t already have one, write in or send an email to Young Foundations to request your Missionary Passport. Give us your name and address, and we will send one right out to you.
  • Save your Jesus Jar money.
  • Go to the homepage and follow the "JESUS JAR PROJECT" link to see what the current sponsorship is.
  • If you decide to support that project, send in your Jesus Jar donation (in the form of a check or money order) along with your name, address, age, and pictures of you with your Jesus Jar (optional). You can also also submit a sponsorship donation through the "General Donations" page on Just be sure to put in the comments that your funds are for the current Jesus Jar Project, along with the information above.
  • We will mail your project sticker so you can add it to your passport.
  • Watch the website for follow-up reports on the projects that you help with.
  • Fill up your passport with stickers from around the world, and be proud of the work that you’ve done!