A Touch Of Inspiration - From Trinidad

We always get excited when we see something new come in from the believers of Trinidad. You'll see why when you watch the video and read the neat testimony below that goes with it.

God Bless you all at Young Foundations.

Lately I’ve been doing some painting at home. Thank you for your efforts in giving our kids good characters. They really love the Cub Corner magazines and we all learn a lot from them.

About the painting, here is how it all started.

For the past 3 years or so, I began to read Cub Corner on a daily basis with my kids. These magazines truly have changed my life greatly. While reading through the stories, certain things would really bless my heart.

When you all started including CC adventures, the kids want to do everything little cub does. It truly had me thinking of when we were kids and loved the Disney World Characters. My mom on the other had discouraged us from those worldly characters as much as she could. If we had these characters on anything she would do some patch work or paint over them, to keep our Christian environment clean.

There are some things Cub said in the magazine that I realized I needed to do on a daily basis myself, like - “Listen to Brother Branham every day” - “If I have any question where to find my answer” - “What is true happiness” - “Giving my all to the Lord that He can use me in whatever way He can” and “When troubles come what is the best thing to do to take care of it.”

I then located an area in the house that I need to pass every day. On those walls I wanted to paint on the CC adventures highlights. The children really, really, REALLY LOVE IT!!!!!

Here is a PDF of the steps Sister Grace took to create the wall painting. You can also view the pictures she is talking about in the slideshow below.

Using the same stages through the computer, I did the big Cub from the Cub Corner cover of the magazine. The only difference is….. I had to divide cub into 16 equal segments before enlargement. The puzzle was then transferred unto ply board.

I also used the same process through the computer for a painting I did at my brother’s house some years ago.

In relation to painting, my sister (Hadassah) organized for us to work together on a project for mother’s day. My sister sewed the aprons and I did the paintings. These paintings of quotations from Brother Branham, and Scriptures, were done without computer assistance.

God Bless You,

Sister Grace Barratt