Philippines Mindanao Youth Camp

We received this encouraging report from our Philippines office manager about a recent event held for the youth of his country. The pictures speak volumes of the great time they had and what the Lord did in their young hearts.

Dear Brothers,

Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here is the report and pictures we got from the Mindanao Youth camp we held recently. The place is so hot and is not so conducive but the event was very successful and a great spiritual blessing to the young people who attended it.

Around 200 young people from various Message churches all over Mindanao converged at Hope Mountain, Davao City to experience another milestone in their youthful Christian life. Several delegates had to travel seven, or even ten hours, to reach the venue—enduring dusty, oftentimes rough terrain, and uncomfortable travel arrangement. Despite these, the camp turned out to be a welling fountain of spiritual blessings to everyone.

On the first day, the delegates were oriented with the camp rules. The campers were reminded to conduct themselves as Christian ladies and gentlemen, as Jesus should be the centerpiece of the whole camp experience. Afterward, the delegates were divided into ten groups. Then they learned the theme song for this year’s camp, “Jesus’ Love Is Bubbling Over”, complete with actions the young people enthusiastically executed with genuine smiles on their faces. The fun song lingered in the minds of the young people, as the rest of the day rolled on. Then at the evening service, Bro Jeremiah, Voice of God Recordings Philippines Manager, exhorted on the importance of Quiet Time, the need to be alone with God, citing great Bible characters and their will and might to pray fervently. It was an inspiration to the young people to be like these faithful characters communing with God.

The early morning of the second day was allotted for Quiet Time. It was followed by a service in the local language, Cebuano. The weather was hot and dry, and could cause mild headache and dehydration to the campers, but the eager young people stayed put on their seats, fanning themselves meager cool air using improvised fans made of juice cartons. Despite the uncomfortable heat, fervent hearts were listening intently to the timely message delivered to them. Then to nobody’s guess, ice cream for snacks were served to help the young people cool down. After lunch, the young people engaged in group games ranging from flag relays to kadang-kadang, a local version of a two-piece sled made of sturdy wooden planks that could only be moved if the members of the group synchronized their steps. Then, “As I Thought On My Way” was played in the night service, as Brother Branham’s message instructed the young people to turn their feet unto God’s testimonies. A magnificent synchronization!

The third day started earlier than usual. All over the camp, one could see a little sister under a tree with her Bible open, meditating on the Word of God penned on those precious pages. Then just on top of a steep slope was a little brother, with arms raised up, glorifying the Lord. Along the bushes, one would chance upon a young man or woman absorbed in a heart-felt prayer, tears streaming, and voice inaudible, but surely praising God. The Quiet Time was followed by a morning service in Cebuano, with more instructions to the young people on how to avoid the worldly things around them. Surely, we are living in a time where the wicked become more wicked, but Christians persevere to be near God all the time. Then the Quote of the Day played afterward, about a young lady who shamed her mother who turned ugly because of saving her when she was a baby, was striking and moving to the delegates. Then lunch was served in traditional style: long tables were lined up with banana leaves; rice, fried fish, roasted pork cutlets, and vegetables were lined up across the table, as the delegates ate using just bare hands, with jovial conversations every now and then to friends standing beside them. Ball games commenced afterward, as the young people had more chance to make new friends and reconnect with old acquaintances from distant churches. At night, Brother Branham’s tape was once again played, followed by the climactic bonfire where each group presented a song or a role play.

The camp ended that night with prayer devotion, with campers thanking the last three days God had guided the attitude of each and every one, and protected them from harm (a sister seriously fainted on the second day after being dehydrated, but was rushed to the hospital on time, and was made well following the joint prayer of the believers left behind at camp).

In the end, the last flame of the bonfire must have turned into cold ashes, but the wonderful memory etched in the minds and hearts of the young believers would surely stay. The delightful experience would surely be treasured, and it would be lifted up to God who made all these things possible. Just like the song “Jesus’ Love Is Bubbling Over”, the young people returned to their homes with God’s Love overflowing like a fountain.

Thank you and God bless you,

Brother Jeremiah

Day 1

Day 3

Day 4