A Faith Testimony

It’s easy to get wrapped up during the busy Christmas time of year, but the Lord has a way of getting our minds and hearts on Him. This young sister was just enjoying her day around town with mom, when the Lord decided to prove His love to her.

Of all the people in the world, God still took the time to hear my prayer of faith. I just wanted to share a little Testimony about my lost wallet and how God showed me Mark 9:23, “Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth”.

Just this afternoon, I went out with my mom to get some wrapping paper and some gifts for my family. I was excited because I had a good craft idea to do and wanted to get the supplies! I brought my teal hand wallet strapped around my hand (I hade taken off the larger strap that goes around my shoulder) into the store.

Going straight to the craft isle, my mom and I searched the paper and tape. Trying to pick out the best paper, my hands were full. Finding exactly what we needed, I told my mom I would meet her back at the front of the store in 10 minutes, as I needed to do some secret shopping. I started going through the store to the back but was stopped by the baking isle. I love baking and had to check for any sales! I believe God stopped me there; instead letting me go further into the store as it was not more than 5 minutes that I had realized my wallet wasn’t on me.

I quickly left the isle seeing my mom on the way. I told her I didn’t have my wallet with me and I was sure I brought it in and had it wrapped in my hand. The last place I remembered I had it was in the craft isle. I told my mom I would check, and I quickly went back and searched around, remembering exactly where I had placed it! Thinking since I had only left for a small period of time, my wallet would be waiting for me on the shelf. But it was not there. I asked a worker and she said it would be best to check Customer Service. Telling my mom it had my school ID cards, license, debit card, a bit of cash and iPod in it, I got worried. I don’t like the sad feeling of having lost anything, but that’s what I felt at that moment.

I brought my mom to the spot where I had left it. We decided to pray that my wallet would be found and that someone would return it to Customer Service. After searching around, we finished our shopping and went to the check out. I went and asked Customer Service if a teal wallet with student cards and an iPod had been found. After leaving my name and number at Customer Service and looking around for the last time, we had to leave the store so my mom could get me to work. My mom said don’t worry about and that she would tell my dad and he could phone the store again.

At work I thought time would go by really slow. In my mind I kept playing scenarios like my wallet had been found and my parents would have it or that I could be waiting for even a week to hear back from the store. I put my faith in God, and all I could think of were Young Foundations hymns that filled my head. In no time, two hours had passed and my parents were there to pick me up. My dad wanted to go back to the store once more. We went straight to Customer Service and showed them the teal strap that goes around my shoulder that I had kept at home. My dad was talking to a worker I had seen earlier that day who said "oh they found it?” At first I was really happy, but then thought she was just asking a question because she didn’t seem to have found it. Another lady went behind and praise the Lord, came out with my wallet! I was so happy! I was smiling lots and thanked the lady. My parents told me on the way out that they had also prayed at home and that the store had phoned the number I gave them while I was at work telling them they had found it.

I thanked God for the person who brought my wallet back and asked Him to bless them this Christmas! I was so happy that God answered my prayer and was amazed that God allowed it to be found and returned to Customer Service within less than 3 hours. Also that nothing, not one single penny, was taken from my wallet. All was safe and sound. I believe all things happen for a purpose and that God was showing me that He is with me all the time.

Your Sister from Ontario, Canada