January Quiz Messages
The political world is gone. Our nation is broke. You remember that, that Brother Branham said that, THUS SAITH THE LORD. Our nation is debolished. It’ll never rise. She is gone, like all the rest of the nations. It’s the greatest nation in the world, standing today, but it’s the very seed of the devil has been planted into the hearts of the people; how it come into Hollywood, how it got out into the people, and begin to this. And you can’t tell them nothing. 54-0509 The Invasion Of The United States

While nearly all people are filling up on the evil the devil has planted in their hearts, there is a minority, a little Bride that will not partake of the things of this world. She will NOT be deceived. Her appetite is for one thing alone! Her stomach cannot digest anything but the true, unadulterated Word of God. That is all she wants, and that is all she needs.

And if we’re going to have an understanding of God, it must come out of God’s Word, for the Word is what God gave us to feed our hungry souls. And the Holy Spirit was sent to take the Word of God and to feed us by the Word. You see it? See, we…The Holy Spirit is sent from God, to take the Word of God and to give It to us as we have need. Now, I’m so glad that God made a provision like that. Aren’t you? That He would feed us. 56-0805 The Church And Its Condition

How blessed we are to have this stored up heavenly Manna that we can feast on anytime we desire or have need. If we're sick or well, we press play! If we are feeling happy or sad, we press play! If we desire more of God in us, we press play! If we are in need of anything, we press play! All we have to do is press play, believe, and obey God's perfect provided Word!

We are very excited to be pressing play once again and listening to the Messages 54-0509 and 56-0805 for the month of January. The tape quizzes will be available for the entire month for anyone to take and submit their scores. You can CLICK HERE to view the quiz page.

God bless you,

Young Foundations