A Christmas Prayer
God bless you. Not exactly a “merry” Christmas, but God's blessings of Christmas be upon you. May the Christ of Calvary hide you in Himself, blanket you, so wrap you and enshroud you in His Word, till His Word will be made flesh in you, is my prayer. 61-1224

The prayer of God's prophet is truly our hearts desire this Christmas; to be so wrapped in His Word til His Word will be made flesh in us!

Amidst all the holiday festivities and many activities you might do this Christmas time of year, we want to challenge each of you to do something very special, and meaningful, for someone else: pray.

There are so many needs among God's children in this late hour when the devil is battling us like never before. Many don't have big, supportive families or churches to help during these trying times. They live in isolated areas or among worldly family members. They might be sick, lonely, scared or distressed; it doesn't matter. They need our help. They need us to go to battle for them, pulling out that two-edged sword of faith while down on our knees. But don't just "say a prayer." Like Brother Branham taught us, "pray a prayer." Really enter into that persons suffering that you are praying for, and God will hear your prayers and change lives. It'll change your life.

This Christmas season, give the gift of the Christ of Calvary to someone else, that they too may be wrapped in His Word.

We love you, and we will be praying with you!

May God's blessings of Christmas be upon you.

Young Foundations

Now, He gave us the strongest weapon that there is in all the world, and that's prayer. Prayer is what changes things. The Christian doesn't realize what a force he has when he kneels on his knees before Almighty God in the Name of Jesus Christ. He doesn't realize what—what power that is. If the people could only realize that the… that what is given right unto them, anything that you ask for will be given if you can appropriate the faith to believe it. For God's Word is true. 53-0216
Now, that's the way to pray. Isn't it? Pray like you never prayed before, really get to business! See, if you just go up and say, “Lord, bless So-and-so-and-so.” God don't—don't take the interest much to that. But when you really get down to business! When you little boys and girls pray, get down to business! 56-0513