Norway Creations "Cleaning Up"

Below is a sweet Creations report from our Christian Family in the country of Norway.


It is always with a great joy and anticipation our “little soldiers” from Norway come to a Creation class. The Lord has surely blessed us with a wonderful day of fellowship and lesson with the Creation Class “Cleaning Up”.

We started with a word of prayer and went straight into the lesson.

The children were closely listening and got very excited stretching up their arms and waiting for their turn to share what they knew and had on their heart.

After the lesson everybody really worked dedicated and with a lot of care and love with their own jar going through the three stations. While some were still busy completing their craft, others enjoyed the worksheet with the crossword and the singing of the so-loved song “Jesus Love Is Bubbling Over.”

Thanks again for all the prayers, love and efforts you put by preparing and making available the ideas for the classes.

God Bless You,

With Christian Love - Norway