A Word Of Encouragement From The Lord

The Lord always knows just what to give us, and at just the right time when we have need of it. From one testimony to another, it seems that the encouragements keep coming.

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ,

I am 14 years old and I would just like to share this testimony of how the Lord gave me a word of encouragement through a good friend of mine.

For my Bible in school (I am homeschooled) I have been reading "A Prophet Visits South Africa" and enjoying it. I had gotten to the "Testimonies" section and a particular testimony stood out to me. A sister was suffering of heart disease and prayed and asked God to let her be in the first prayer line. She got prayer card 3 and cards 1-15 were called. When it was her turn to be prayed for, Brother Branham said to her: "Good evening, sister, you are a believer" and proceeded to tell her all that was wrong with her and that her faith had already healed her. The sister testifies that hearing the prophet say those words to her "You are a believer", meant more to her than her healing, for she could go to Heaven with a sick body, but not with a sick soul.

I realized how that must have felt, to have the prophet tell you that you are a Christian, and when I was praying in preservice a few nights later, I asked the Lord: "Do something that says that to me."

After that very service, as I was fellowshipping with my friends, a brother came up to me, shook my hand and said: "I love you, brother, you are amazing". I was surprised at this and asked him what made him say this, to which he replied: "Because you are a good Christian". I thanked him very much and it made me feel very good. My mind immediately went back to what I had asked the Lord in the service.

This was very encouraging and I just wanted to share it with you all. God Bless!

And I wonder if the Lord don’t just let us get all tore up sometimes, where He can just mold us, and fashion us, and make us a little different, and bless us, and kiss us on the cheeks, and say, “My child, I’m right with you, and I’ll give you just a little encouragement; go ahead.” 57-0309b - "I Will Restore"