Nuts for Christ!

What an amazing service we had at the Branham Tabernacle last night listening to “The Oddball” 64-0614E. 

Only a prophet of God like Brother Branham could unveil such things to us in a way that can be easily understood.

We love how he said, “It’ll take a nut to wrap that Bride out of here, is threaded, for the Bride and the Bridegroom are one.  And the God is one, and the Word is God! It’ll have to be threaded with the Word, and It’ll draw the Bride out of these denominations.”

This really shows what day and age we are in, and how we have to be that nut for Christ in order to get the Bride home.The Lord chose the perfect prophet for this day to manifest His Word for us to feast on.

We want to be fools for Christ, and nuts threaded to the bolt which is His Word!

A few years back at Creations we did a project called “Bunch of Yunk”, that threaded in perfectly with what we heard last night. Our students got to use actual nuts and bolts, to make their own keychain, necklace, bracelet, or car. These were fun activities that could easily be done at home, and it was a good illustration to demonstrate how the nuts and bolts match together, just like we do with Him!

Click here to go our Creations page for the tutorials of our “Bunch of Yunk” craft.  We hope you enjoy!