Future Still Waters Camper

Even the youngest of children are preparing to come to Still Waters Camp! We know this cute little testimony will be a blessing to you from one of our "Future Still Waters Campers." She's telling of what the Lord did for her mother several years ago at camp, before she was even born. Almost 5 years later, her mother is still holding the same testimony and now married and able to pass it on to her children.

Hello Brothers & Sisters at Still Waters!

My name is Natalie. I am almost 3 months old and I've already heard all about Still Waters camp and how it changed my mama's life (she's the one in the banner picture). If the Lord tarries I'm really looking forward to going to camp! My mom says that her favorite time of day at camp was "Quiet Time" & guess what? We get to do it at home! My mommy says that you're never too young to start having a love for the Lord and a longing to be in His presence.

Me and daddy and mommy are praying for all the young people going to camp this year. We pray you go expecting a life-changing experience with God and enjoy to the fullest the piece of Heaven that Still Waters Camp truly is! I am too young to go to camp, but here at home we all are just as excited as if we were getting ready to be there. We are looking forward to seeing all the pictures and hear all the wonderful testimonies from the children of the Lord. Below is my picture and also my mom's testimony years ago from one of the very first Still Waters camps.

Sister Keila's “My Little Piece Of Heaven” published on SW on 5/14/2012:

I came expecting so much from the Lord to Still waters camp and now that the camp has ended, it's still NOT OVER for me...Still waters is my little piece of heaven that I will always testify of, wherever the Lord may take me. I'm so overjoyed and so blessed because the Lord met me and filled me with the Holy Ghost, His presence moves in Still waters, His Holy fire came down on me there. I AM HIDDEN IN CHRIST! Our promised blessings are beyond measure! Though the storm clouds may gather, though the rain may pour down upon us, the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, will comfort, strengthen, guide us and bring joy to our hearts as we walk uprightly and KEEP HIS WORD. When life is too hard to stand, I WILL KNEEL. Your sister in Christ.

And it may be, this morning, that there'll be men and women setting here, that'll make your final choice. You are today what you are, because several years ago you chose to be what you are now. And what you choose now will determine what you'll be five years from today. Five years from today you may be a missionary. Five years from today you may be a renown Christian. Or, five years from today you may be in hell, because you made the wrong decision. Five years from today you may be cleaning spittoons in a barroom. Five years from today you may be a prostitute on the street. Or, you may be a man or a woman that's a—that's a credit to any society, because of your choice for Christ. Five years from today you may be in Glory, gone in the Rapture, because you made your choice today. But you got to choose. And don't look at what you see. Choose what you see by faith. That's the only thing that will count, is what you choose by faith. -WMB 58-0720M By Faith Moses