The Pillar Of Fire

Tomorrow marks exactly 67 years since the Pillar of Fire was captured on photograph above God’s prophet, Brother William Marrion Branham. What a special day for the Bride of Jesus Christ!

We want to pay a special tribute by dedicating a week of Creations classes and activities to this very significant moment in history. But first, a little background:

January 24, 1950, Brother Branham was at the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, Texas, after Baptist minister, Dr. Best, had challenged him to a debate. Brother Bosworth, a good friend of Brother Branham’s and a manager of the meetings, had gone up to represent Brother Branham. Dr. Best could not debunk anything he said. Dr. Best then called out for Brother Branham to come forward.

“I felt It again going, “Whew,” Something moving. You can call me a fanatic if you want to, go ahead and you’ll settle it at the judgment bar of God. I felt Something moving. I raised up.” 52-0713a - “Early Spiritual Experiences"

Brother Branham came forward and told the people how Dr. Best was trying to deprive them of the only hope they had of living, by not believing in Divine healing. And then,

“ Brother Bosworth said, “How many Baptist in here that goes to good Baptist church and has good fellowship, can say that—that they have been healed since Brother Branham has been here, by Divine healing, stand up?” And hundreds of them stood to their feet. Said, “What about that?” You know what Brother Best said? He said, “Anybody could testify to anything, I wouldn’t believe it anyhow.” And walked away. Oh, my. Hallelujah. Watch.” 52-0713a - “Early Spiritual Experiences"

There was nothing he could’ve said to counter what Brother Bosworth was saying about Brother Branham, because he was a man sent from God with the vindicated Word of God!

Dr. Best had hired two professional photographers, Ted Kipperman and James Ayers of the American Photographer Association, to take pictures of him during the debate.

“Then when he did that… He hired the Douglas Studios of Houston, Texas, which is a member of the American Bible, or the American Photographer Association, to come over and take six glossies of him while he skinned the old man, so he could put it in the… So, the man that was going to take the pictures was a critic, too. So he got out there and posed like this, with his finger sticking in Brother Bosworth’s face, “And now get my picture like this.” Brother Bosworth just stood there. He stuck his finger in his face, said… Then he posed again like this, you know, and put his finger in his face like that, how he was skinning him. Well, the photographer took his pictures and all.“ 53-0509 - “The Pillar Of Fire"

After Dr. Best had walked out, Brother Branham said:

“I said, “Well, I… The only thing that I can do,” I said, “I’ve spoke, I guess, three or four million people, direct or indirect. I have never, at any time, ever claimed to be a Divine healer.” I said, “Never. I can heal no one. But,” I said, “the things that I say, if they are of God, then God will speak back to vindicate His Word. (See?) And if it isn’t of God, then God will not, have nothing to do with it, for God will not put His hands on things that’s wrong.” You know that. I said, “My word is just a man’s. But when God speaks, then that’s God.” See? And I said, “If I testify of something, and God comes around and says that’s the truth, then that’s God’s Word. You believe Him.” And I said, “If I’m truthful, God will testify.” 50-0813e - “God Revealing Himself To His People"


“And about that time, here He come, coming down from heaven like a whirl, and just enshrouded me. And—and the man run up and shot the picture. Many people seen it. Even some people that belong to different churches, like Roman Catholic, and so forth, was converted and believed with all their heart. And they shot the picture. And when the man that taken the picture… Very critical, said I was a hypnotizer… Made an awful write-up in the paper, just scandaled it every way. And said, “Why, he’s a hypnotizer. He gets those people hypnotized, and they just go away like that.” And when he begin to develop those pictures, he pulled out the six of Mister Best. And every one of them was blank, perfectly blank. And when he taken this one out, that halo appeared on there. He almost went into a heart attack. He didn’t know what had happened. He tried to get me out of the Rice Hotel.” 50-0813e - “God Revealing Himself To His People"


“When he pulled out the one he snapped, there was the Angel of God’s picture whirling around where I was at. The first time in all the world’s history that a supernatural Being was ever photographed. It was rushed to Washington, DC, copyrighted, sent back and give to George J. Lacy, J. Edgar Hoover, examiner. They kept it two days at the Shell Building in Houston. And when he come over there, and they all set out there together to find out what it was all about, he said, “Whose name is Branham?” I said, “Mine, sir.” He said, “Stand up.” He looked, said, “Mr. Branham, you’ll die like all mortals do. But as long as there’s a Christian civilization, your picture will never die.” He said, “Because it’s the first time in all the world’s history that a supernatural Being was ever photographed.” He said, “The old hypocrite has always said, “They… Scientifically, you can’t prove there is a God.” But said, “That has to be changed now, for here’s scientifically… The Angel of God was there, and the Light struck the negative.” There it was. There he signed… wrote out a big document, signed his name to it. There it is right back there. You can look at it yourself. There’s the Angel of the Lord.” 51-0502 - “The Angel Of The Lord"

Words cannot begin to express what this means to us. The Angel of the Lord actually came down from Glory and took a picture with our prophet! It was the first time in all the world’s history that a supernatural Being was ever photographed, and It was with Brother William Marrion Branham, the seventh church age messenger for this last day we are living in.

This week at Creations, we really want to focus on this special day in history. So tomorrow, in remembrance of this supernatural event, we will be doing a project on the photograph of Brother Branham and the Pillar of Fire. It’s fun and simple, with very accessible materials to help your child envision what occurred on tomorrow’s date many years ago. We have the link to the project tutorial HERE. We also encourage you to follow along on the Creations website, as we will be posting Pillar of Fire related activities and pictures throughout the week.

We hope this encourages you and your children to have an amazing week studying one of the most important days in our human history!