Poland Bistro Report

The Mobile bistro is still moving to new areas wherever young people can gather together. Below is Brother Gerald's latest report from their trip to Katowice, Poland.

Lately we have been visiting the places that have never had a chance to come to the bistro. From all the places and countries that we have visited so far, it has been a real blessing to see the young people enjoy the time being together. There is fellowship, meeting new friends, enjoying the games, coffee and food, and then the most important part, uniting under the Word Of God. Some young people have enjoyed it so much that they even came again to meet up with the youth in other countries where we set up a bistro.

This time we arranged to have a bistro in Poland for the first time, in the southern region.

We started our 1100 km (15 hour drive) journey right in the beginning of the year, with great expectation what the Lord would have in store for the young people. Whenever we are on the highway with the YF trailer, vehicles usually slow down to see this outstanding trailer that looks so different than all other trailers that are on the road. Usually those that are interested you can tell that they stay a while behind the trailer, and most likely check the website as it is advertised on the back side of the trailer. It’s like a moving billboard on the freeway. You never know by moving from place to place, it could be that we could even reach somebody that would accept the truth.

When we were traveling on our way to Poland, we pulled off the road to stop at an old Lutheran church. It was located right off the freeway in Eastern Germany, and dated back to the 18th century. All along the freeways they have these so-called Autobahn churches where people can stop and take time to pray. Usually they have all free tracts of different denominations displayed, and as on other missionary trips we usually take the time to leave a few witnessing CDs behind. We never know who will pick up these CDs. We pray that these precious messages may fall into the hands of a predestinated seed of God.

Later on in the day we decided to pull off the road again, knowing of a Sister that lives all alone with her son in a village, about 15 minutes from the Polish border. This sister lives quite far away from any fellowship with other believers.

We had called her an hour before and asked if it would be a good time to stop by. She was all excited. When we arrived at her home, she told us that a few days before she had read on our new website how that the European office staff travels extensively throughout Europe, visiting churches, home fellowships, and individuals. While reading this info about the European office, she was wondering if we would ever take the time to visit her. Here we came with our entire VGR staff, and she happens to be the first visit in the New Year! God answered her prayer! You can imagine how happy she was. She lives about 650 km (400 miles) from the office. (Her son just turned 16 and is now also eligible to visit our future bistros as well.) The Lord works on both ends of the line to bring His Bride together.

We had a wonderful time of fellowship, but finally had to get on the road again to get to our final destination: Katowice, Poland.

When we arrived after a full day’s journey, our Polish translator had also just arrived from traveling the entire day by train. Bro. Andrzej, along with his family, came from the far northern part of the country to meet up with us that evening.

The next day we all went to the gym together early in the morning. We had rented the gym where the bistro and service would be held for the day.

As we first took a look at the venue, we came to find out that the gym that we rented for our occasion happened to be on the 3rd floor (5 flights of stairs!) That meant that we had quite a job ahead of us to bring everything that we had in the trailer and truck and walk it up the stairs with no elevator available! No problem, we had plenty of staff on hand and got to work.

As soon as everything was set up, the first youth had arrived! Of course some had already seen our YF website and where we had been with the Mobile Bistro, but others came for the first time and not knowing anything about what was in store for them. As soon as the youth arrived, they made their way to the bistro to have some coffee and meet new friends. It was the first time that many of these youth, from churches in the very same area, had ever met. Several young people mentioned that they specifically enjoyed the time to be able to fellowship.

They quickly made their way to the games, of which there was plenty to choose from. They sure had a good time together, and it wasn’t long until it was already time for lunch. Arrangements had been made to have freshly made sandwiches delivered right at lunchtime. They were all eagerly ready for a break to have something to eat, since some of them had driven about 2 hours from the Czech Republic. One young brother, who originally came from the Ukraine, had traveled 4 hours on a bus.

Right after lunch we prepared for Quiet Time, and we also gave everybody a free SD card loaded with the Message in their own language. We shared with the youth how Brother Branham already encouraged the believers back in the fifties to take time to pray at different times of the day. He mentions this in the beginning of his Life Story, paragraph 5:

And, now we have had great success in doing this, because... You'll have a little form letter with it, that people around the world pray every morning at nine o'clock, and at twelve o'clock and at three o'clock. And you can imagine, around behind the world, what time of the night they have to get up to make this prayer. So if all these tens of thousands, and times thousands are sending prayers to God at the very same time for this ministry, God just can't turn that away. 59-0419A

What a wonderful thing it is to start your day with Him, and to know that someone else is praying for you while you are praying for them. As we all found ourselves a quiet spot in the gym, it seemed like the hour went by so fast. Before we knew it it was already 2:00 o’clock. As soon as we were done we thanked the Lord in worship and praise by taking time to sing some songs together.

Afterward we went back to play games and fellowship. It seemed like everybody was relaxed at this time and enjoying being together with other fellow Christians. The day was far spent, but the best was yet to come!

It wasn’t long until we got together in a room set aside for this special event, to hear what the Lord had for us that evening. As they all were relaxed, they were now ready to hear the Word of the Lord. We worshiped in song, and finally a special guest was invited to speak to us that night: Brother Branham had a special message, “Be Certain Of God”.

Everybody received their own personal book, and at the same time was able to follow Brother Branham through the translator. It sure was a wonderful ending as they all entered into the same atmosphere of the Message that was brought to us by God’s servant and prophet.

It was truly the Voice Of God that spoke to us and talked about the very same conditions that there is today. There is a drought in the land, and people have forgotten about God in this world we live in. But thanks be to God that we have an answer that was stored up for the Bride on these tapes that we can hear today! It wasn’t long until Brother Branham finished in prayer with his hands up in the air, simultaneously with the youth, as he prayed a prayer for faith for us. What a comfort to go home with these words. It was truly the Voice Of God that spoke to our hearts!

As soon as our worship service ended, the youth stayed around, and some were already asking “When are you coming to our area again?” Some mentioned that if they had known that they would have such a good time, they would have told many more to come. Others said that they really enjoyed this special time together with other Christian youth that love this Message. It truly was a special day. As they left they said we are looking forward to another opportunity to meet again.

No matter what nationality they have or country we visit, the youth are facing the same battles everywhere. But the Lord has an answer in this Message for each individual. We felt so blessed and encouraged by the end of the day, knowing that Brother Branham had prayed for all of our needs.

Truly we can say there is one thing that unites us together, and that is this wonderful Message that was spoken by the Prophet of Malachi 4.

God bless you,

Bro. Gerald