February Quiz Messages

Every day it seems like the world is getting darker and darker and further away from God. There are wars, and rumors of wars, truce breakers, false accusers and man’s hearts are failing for fear. Despite all of this strife, unrest, and confusion, there has never been a greater time for God’s children than this day we are living in.

And we are living in the most glorious day that any people has ever lived; and yet in the darkest day, for the unbelievers, that they…and the most confusing time, for they, those who don’t know. It is remarkable, as the day that we’re living. And what a joy it is to know that your anchor holds, now, today, as we’re approaching it in this dark, evil time. 57-0120e God Keeps His Word

Where would we be if it weren't for this end-time Message to keep us anchored steadfast in God's Word? We're so blessed that God is the one in control, leading us by His Spirit.

But when God places His Spirit in the middle of your new spirit, then you don’t have to act meek, you don’t have to act like a Christian. It controls everything that’s within you. It puts you decent, makes the church act orderly, makes the gifts work perfect. And if you have to be taken from a place where you think you should be, and put down somewhere else, It controls you. 57-0120m The Impersonation Of Christianity

This month we will be listening to "The Impersonation Of Christianity" and "God Keeps His Word". These two Messages were preached on the same day at the Branham Tabernacle. What a red-letter day this must've been for Brother Branham's congregation! We're also believing it will be a red-letter day for each of us, as we listen and study these wonderful Messages.

The tape quizzes for 57-0120M and 57-0120E will be available for the entire month of February for anyone to take and submit your scores. You can CLICK HERE to view the quiz page.

God bless you,

Young Foundations