Cub Corner Creations At Flores Magon, Durango

Our VGR distributor from Monterrey, Mexico sent us this report, along with some wonderful pictures and videos. They are from a group of believers in Durango, Mexico who he recently introduced to Cub Corner and Creations. It's such a blessing to see the happy expressions on the faces of the children.

What a great feeling it is when you can see the little ones so excited for making something for the Lord.

We left VGR Monterrey Office on Tuesday, heading to Flores Magon, Durango, where we would be working with the youth.

On Wednesday morning we had a very special appointment, around 30 children gathered at the “domo”, a multi-sport opened area, equipped with electricity and a couple of speakers, where we set some tables and chairs. We also placed one table more at the middle of the area for the screen where the kids would watch the Cub Corner News videos we had brought.

We started the activities reading a Psalm and then praying to the Lord that He help us. Not all of the children attend to the church, however all of them enjoyed the news from Cub Corner, saw how the Micro SD Cards are made, also learned who is the Brother who oversees the shipment of the material that they receive at home, learned two new songs, and as the child in Trinininidad (Trinidad) they also wanted to sing these songs.

After the videos the youth ladies helped to teach to the little ones how to make the Cloud, drawing it first and painting it later. They even painted the cheeks to some of their partners, and when the paint was dry, they glued some cotton on it, to enhance the cloud.

Some of the little ones left before the final picture.

At Church:

At the evening service, the children came to the front at church and sang those songs that they just learned that morning, and also showed to their parents the creations that they made. This gave an opportunity to the brothers to explain more about this supernatural event that happened over 50 years ago, and to encourage to keep pressing on at the battle.

We thanked our beloved Brother who made it possible, and to all the brethren at Flores Magon for all their support on doing these activities and the confidence given to us.

At the next day, the people usually attend to church for a prayer service, but this time, they granted us the opportunity of doing a service for the youth, playing a Message and handing them one book of the Message that we would be listening to, 65-0217 “A Man Running From The Presence Of The Lord”. Even though this Message is about 3 hours long in the format that we have it in English/Spanish, we were listening to it, seeing How great God is. As we listened at The Message, where Brother Branham said, “it’s about 9:30” on tape, it was about 9:30pm our time!

The Lord is so good, when we visited to Brother Jerry Amalong, (a VGR Mexico representative) he sent some tape recorders/players for the people in Mexico, and we left two of these for the brethren in Flores Magon, Durango.