Mobile Bistro Travels To Romania

The European Mobile Bistro continues to be a HUGE hit among the young people who have been in the recent tour path. From the United Kingdom to Norway, and now across the continent to Romania, we’re seeing how much impact just a few hours can have among the youth.

Our faithful crew from Holland recently embarked on the 1600 km (1000 mile) jounrey from Nieuw-Buinen, Netherlands to Timisoria, Romania to hold the much anticipated Bistro event for the youth of Romania.

After the long trip the day before, the crew rose early Saturday morning to a beautiful day. It was perfect weather to set up the Bistro and games outside of the facility that had been reserved for the event. Arriving in the customized trailer, designed soley for the purpose of transporting the Bistro equipment, the brothers went right to work. It takes them about 2–3 hours to carfully unload the items in the trailer and set them up. Included inside are: 2 ping pong tables, 2 foosball tables, 2 volley ball sets, 1 nine-square-in-the-air set, 2 corn hole board sets, numerous board games, 2 round game tables, tables and decor for the bistro drink area, 2 coffee machines, and of course the huge variety of coffee and drinks that kids seem to love.

The youth still don’t know quite what to expect for “Bistro.” Is it just food, drinks and games? It’s far more than that! The food, drinks and games are wonderful, and they allow the youth to relax and fellowship in a Christian atmosphere together, but we take it a little deeper. At 2:00 pm Romania time (7:00 am Jeffersonville time), the brothers brought the youth together to explain a little about the effects of Quiet Time around the world. The youth then found their own little spaces to experience for themselves this special time with the Lord. As you can see in the video, and from the many testimonies we receive, Quiet Time is always the highlight of the day for the youth. There’s just nothing can compare with that one-on-one time with our Lord and Maker.

After a little time back in the bistro area, the youth eat supper together and then prepare to hear the voice of God speak to their hearts. Already tender from Quiet Time, they absorb every word the prophet speaks. The message of choice was “Humble Thyself.” By the end of service, hearts are burning to surrender or rededicate to the Lord.

Like every other time, when we put the Lord at the forfront, He comes near and blesses His children. This time was no different. There’s just something special about it when believers come together and listed to the anointed Word of the Hour. It doesn’t matter what nationality or country you come from, this Message unites the Bride of Christ together from all corners of the world.

Here are a few words from Brother Gerald:

It was a special time of fellowship after the tape was finished. Many stayed long after the service, fellowshipping and singing songs outside the building. It was wonderful to hear them sing the beautiful songs in their own native language. How the Lord must have been pleased with the praises of his people. I remember that the last group to leave was singing on the bus as they were driving off. The bus driver was hired to drive them to our event, he even came and sat in our service, and as everybody was singing on the bus we all prayed together for the bus driver, as he had a smoking habit. We all joined in prayer and layed hands on him that God would deliver him from his smoking. And that they would have a safe journey home. It sure does something to you to see the sincerity of a group of young people that really show the love of Christ in their lives and have a burden for lost souls.

It was an unforgettable day and we thank the Lord for everything he did to give us such a beautiful day together.

Bistro No. 2 in Cluj Romania:

Because of the great distances, not all the youth from around Romania were able to attend the first bistro in Timisoara. Therefore we decided to have another bistro set up in the center of the country, in Cluj.

Once again, the youth traveled from many different parts of the country, including the neigboring country of Moldova. Some of them who came to the first bistro event had such a good time that they decided to make the 3–4 hour drive to attend the second bistro, to make new friends and enjoy the time of being together in fellowship.

The youth had a wonderful time together in fellowship and away from the things of the world. Just like before, Quite Time was a huge blessing, and the tape service brought many hearts closer to the Lord.

In Brother Gerald’s words:

It sure was worth it all. While we were loading up the bistro and games into the YF trailer, we were still thinking of the nice time we had together. After we finally arrived back at the European office, our long journey of 25 hours did not seem to matter at all. We can only say "Thank you Lord" for all that He did for His people, and bringing us safely home again.

God bless you

Bro. Gerald