My First Shooting Star - A SW Testimony

The testimonies are still pouring in from Still Waters camps, and we know there is no end to what God will continue to do for His children! Reading testimonies like this one makes us so proud and thankful to be a believer, and simply amazed at the faith God is raising up among the youth.

Dear Young Foundations,

I would like to share a small testimony of the Lord's grace to me during my camp.

I have worn glasses since I was two, and had always had vision problems. I was very nearsighted, I had lazy eye, and astigmatism in one eye, I couldn't see in the dark, I couldn't see the stars or anything, and I had no depth perception, generally making me pretty bad at a lot of stuff.

About two months before I went to camp, my vision started getting worse. About two weeks before camp, I started praying about what I wanted from the Lord, and my healing was at the top of the list.

On the Monday of my camp, I walked into the welcome center with my vision blurry, and shaking slightly, but I was confident it wouldn't be like that when I left on Friday. All day my vision was the same, until that night at supper, when Brother Joseph told us we each had an appointment with Jesus, and that He was waiting out under the tree for us. I walked out to my tree, and as soon as I sat down I started praying, and I felt Jesus come and sit next to me. At that moment I knew I was going to get what I came for.

The next day, my vision was a bit better, until that night. I was praying at the altar, and I could feel Him come down and I felt a sweet peace. Then towards the end of the baptismal, I looked up at the sky, and I saw a shooting star for the first time, and I knew I was healed. Then, on competition day, I had been worried before, because I had zero depth perception, but I did well all day, and my team ended up winning. I think I may have been happier than the rest of my team, knowing that I was healed.

I still have my contacts, but I'm claiming my healing!

God Bless You, A Sister in Christ. - Age 14