Where I Belong: A Still Waters Testimony

A 14 year-old sister From Arkansas did an amazing job in writing a poem to reflect on her experiences at Still Waters this past summer. Thank you for sharing!

Long have I wandered, long I have searched, longing for something, but what? I felt I did not belong, I was not in my right place. How can you want to be somewhere you've never ever been? I never thought I'd find it, at least not on this earth. But then, oh what a happy day of jubilee, I found what I had searched for, I found what I had longed for, a place too glorious to explain with mortal tongue, a family where I belonged, no barriers of stone or superstitions, no struggling of mind and soul, just peace at heart and being.

Oh the strength that surged through me, I felt I could meet any foe, fight any battle, win any war. Many was the army I had now enlisted, in both strength and in numbers, I felt we could conquer anything this world could bring, we were all so happy, so united and free, people I had never known were now my best friends.

Through the days I had spent here I had never felt such greatness, the awesomeness of a power surrounded me. I knew it was Him, the Great One of on high, He had sent his precious Dove. He had stepped down among us communing with each one, strengthening us, giving us peace, anointing us with his power, blessing us with His Spirit. We were bonded so close we had known each other forever, we hugged and cried together when we felt Him coming down. There are no words, no way to explain the place that I had found.

But then alas, what utter sorrow, we had to go back, out into the world. How I wept to leave my new companions and the joys we had experienced, but I knew it must be done. But as I faced the world again, I faced it with new strength, for I knew the Great One was with me and would guide me on my way. Through the trials and the troubles I would face, I knew He'd be beside me.

The days after I had left were sad remembering it all, but now it's like a secret, a place that's in my heart. I'll treasure the memory forever and never let it go, remembering He's always there. When the way is hard and rough, a thought of Him and the place He had led me to, will keep me going in strength. Some day I know I will go again and for this do I long. For if Heaven is like this place, I can't wait for Eternity.