SW - Full On The Crumbs

For all those who have never been to Still Waters, our sister gives a very good account of how you can still get 'full on the crumbs!'

As much as all of us adults want to go to Still Waters, I'm sure we would all agree it's not for the zipline or paintball, but how can we sneak into Chapel or have Quiet Time. Oh wait, we can!

This summer The Lord allowed me to be apart of all 4 camps. I got a rare opportunity to know all the campers through video and photo's. I was able to sit back and listen to what The Lord was doing in these young people's lives, and hear their testimonies. I sang with them, I worshiped The Lord with them, and I cried (and cried and cried) with them. Never has my heart been so burdened for a group of believers as it was this summer.

As for sneaking into chapel, well I did... The Lord brought Still Waters to me, right into my heart. I was invited to every special service and had my personal interview with The Lord all summer long. I GOT THE ROCK!

God Bless Brother Joseph and everyone who has worked at Still Waters. You not only were a blessing to the campers, but you were a blessing to the entire Bride.

We're full on the crumbs!

Sis. Kelly