A Special Edmonton Creations Class

We're having a good problem with Creations classes around the world. There are so many groups that are now following along with classes that we can hardly keep up with them all!

It's always exciting to see what the different groups are doing, and to learn how the classes are affecting the children and parents. This report from a faithful group of believers in Edmonton is just what we love to hear!

Almost 3 years ago this group met for our very first class. I think we can all say the constant encouragement from Brother Joseph and support from VOG has kept us going. Families from all over Edmonton have united over one thing, our love for this Message. We are so thankful for what God is doing and we are seeing the results in our children.

For this class we started off in prayer and read from our Bibles. We then watched a puppet show (due to the varying ages in all of our classes, a sister felt it upon her heart to do something special for the youngest children). It turns out that us parents enjoyed the puppet show just as much. The theme for this class was “Oddball”. Brother Branham spoke to the children from 2 very special tapes. Each child reverently listened to hear what God's Prophet was going to teach us today.

Near the end of the puppet show, all the children joined together to invite Brother Joseph and the Agapao Tour to Edmonton.

With huge projects ahead of us, we quickly divided the boys & girls. Our boys were making Brother Branham’s Model-T Ford. This was especially exciting for our boys because the power tools got brought out. Our sisters were working on Quiet Time pillows, and an extra special touch was added to the quiet time tree. We made it a little more Canadian and used a “deeply rooted” Spruce tree.

This truly was a wonderful class and we know that these special projects will be little treasures in each child's home, to keep their mind always on Christ.

God Bless,

Edmonton Creations