Our First Cub Day

We just posted the report and slideshow from our first 6–12 homeschool classes, and below we have the report from our first “Cub Day” class with the 4–5 year old children. Be sure to watch the video and view the pictures of their special guest for the afternoon.

Having children ages 4 & 5 together for their first Cub day was so precious! Like Creations days, we point the children to the Message in everything that we do. We start with a word of prayer, sing Only Believe before playing the Quote of the day, sing the Scriptures of the Prophets songs, then a worksheet, “A” for Angel.

We also played one of the quotes from Stories, “Billy Sees Angel”….little did the children know we had a VERY SPECIAL surprise for them on their first day.

We were honored to have Brother Billy Paul Branham come visit us and tell first hand his experience with seeing The Angel Of The Lord. He spoke to them so sweetly and told them how at first he was scared, but after watching Him he wasn’t afraid anymore.

He told us how the Angel kept looking back at his daddy, Brother Branham, and how that each of the children has an angel that stays with them and protects them!

It was a day none of us will ever forget! We finished the morning by having Quiet Time with the children. It's amazing that even 4 & 5 year old children can get quiet before Him!