Something About Still Waters

Many youth from around the United States and other parts of the world have been blessed to experience a Still Waters Camp. But there are still many, many youth who were unable to obtain a passport and make the expensive trip across the ocean or distant lands. Even so, the Lord still made a way for this Sister from Mexico to lick the honey and receive her own special blessing, just from watching.

Greetings in the Precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I have read the testimony in the SW camp page about our sister in Guyana. It made me feel so happy! I have been praying to God about one day I can attend to the camp! It gives me courage and faith! I know the Lord will answer my prayer!

I have been watching the videos, pictures and interviews in the page, and I have not words to describe all that I feel when I watch them! I can truly feel the Presence of the Lord over there! I really enjoy the videos of Friday, when they are on the altar! It is wonderful! It has helped me in my Christian walk! I really enjoy to see my precious brothers and sisters worshiping the Lord! I am so thankful with my Lord for all the young people who could attend and received the Holy Ghost!

I pray the Lord we can have a camp in Mexico, it would be great! I think SW camp is the correct place to go and receive the Holy Ghost, free! (I know the Holy Ghost is free, I don't want it sounds sacrilegious) but the atmosphere there is amazing! I can feel it!

Thanks for all the things that you make for all of us! Thanks for the wonderful testimonies and articles on the web pages!

God bless you!