Halloween: A Myth Or The Truth

Everyone knows that Halloween is coming up this weekend, because everywhere you turn you see ghosts and goblins and evil characters displayed like heroes of the time. Horror films and creepy music of the haunting dead plague your eyes and ears in nearly every store you walk into. And the sad thing is, people of all ages will spend the weekend posing as these satanic characters as they dress and try to blend in with them, just as those who celebrate the "Heathen Traditions of Halloween" have done for centuries. From fictitious characters like superman and batman, to witches, ghosts and goblins, they will display their favorite hero or character, and sit in awe in the midst of the evil horror as their minds are warped and twisted into the devils courtyard. If they only knew that they were worshipping the devil...

…But there is a Devil! Certainly is. And people worship the Devil, don't even know what they're doing… -WMB 65-0425
The devil's got them. And it's not only just normal to go out and be mean and—and—and take a gate off and hang it up in a tree on Halloween night, or do some little meanness like kids used to do, or take a farmer's buggy and set it out in the road, not like that; but they're insane. They do things that's insanity; shoot you, kill you, murder you, poison you, anything. That's the next generation. -WMB 60-0221

As the country is preparing to celebrate ghosts and the dead, Christians are putting their faith in the Holy Ghost and everlasting Life. Isn't it a joy to know that we serve a Living God and believe a true Message brought by a vindicated prophet! There is no room in our lives for creepy goblins and ghostly ghouls. Our hearts are filled with faith and love. This weekend, make sure to remember who you are and what you stand for. For every false that the devil portrays before the world, there is a Real Truth, and we have It!

When you see an old witch out here on the street, a fortuneteller, hold out your hands, and, "You are so-and-so." Remember, that witch is impersonating a real true prophet of God. That's right. When you see anything false, it's impersonating; it's... Satan has perverted something and making a false conception of some real thing God has. -WMB 56-0815

As Brother Joseph has been telling the youth at Still Waters and the believers at the Tabernacle, we look to heroes and characters of a different kind. We look to God's heroes of the Bible, and we are God's heroes ourselves. We dress like them, act like them, listen to music and messages that tell us more about them. Then we become like the greatest hero of them all, our Lord Jesus Christ.

As believers, we can take a day that the world uses to honor satan and use it to honor the prophets and patriarchs of old. Isn't it more becoming of a Christian to pay tribute to those like Abraham and Sarah, or Joshua and Caleb, than a ghost or goblin? Wouldn't it be a greater testimony to speak about our Lord Jesus than to try to scare someone by acting like an evil creature? We should never let the enemy have a day, not even one.

The heroes of the Old Testament had faith; they put it in action. You've got them for an example. -WMB 55-1003

Whether it be on Halloween, or any other day, we should teach our children to shun the very appearance of evil, as the Bible teaches us. Encourage and teach them to model after the heroes of the Bible, rather than villains and heroes of the world. If they want to play dress-up, like so many kids love to do, use the opportunity to teach them about true, Christ-like characters that we should always portray and desire to be like. To make it even more fun and interactive, they can memorize Bible verses or phrases pertaining to their favorite Bible heroes or characters, or even put on a little drama.

Don’t forget to share any pictures with us if you do!: )

We've compiled some "Heroes of the Bible" Scripture verses that you can DOWNLOAD HERE to memorize.

We are so proud of all God's little heroes who are faithful to His Word, and who desire to represent the Truth in our day. We pray the Lord will bless and guide you, and all of you parents who are teaching them the Gospel Truth. They need it more now than ever!

And so we see, as witnesses, of Hebrews 11 and many places in the Bible, that the heroes of faith are those who stayed with God's promise. Just stay right there, no matter what anyone else says, and God will grant it to you in His own good time. -WMB 62-0120

God Bless you,

Young Foundations

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