Power In The Voice

We received this testimony from a young sister in Cameroon who wanted to give God praise for her healing.


I'm thankful to the Lord for everything He did for me. I've been suffering from tooth decay for 12 years, but the Lord delivered me through a prayer of the prophet on a tape that daddy had put on during the night.

Before the prophet prayed, he said "may every sick person who has a handkerchief in the bag take it and lay it where they feel pain."! I was suffering so much! I took a handkerchief and I laid it on my cheek. The prophet finished his prayer and I had fallen asleep.

Oh! Brothers and sisters, I don't know the time or when it left me, but I am 17 years old, and it's been 2 years today that I don't feel that pain! Oh, glory!

May His Name be glorified forever!!!