April Quiz Messages

We have a special set of messages prepared for the special month of April. Not only is it the most memorable time of year to honor the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, but it is also the birthday of God’s prophet messenger, Brother William Branham. To make things even more notable, Brother Branham preached these timely messages on his actual birthday. What a testimony of a true man of God, who took no thought for his own self or desires, but he sacrificed everything to bring a Message to the Bride.

Do you know that your redeemer liveth? Then this sunrise message will confirm it even more and keep God’s "torched light of freedom" burning in your hearts!

“There’s something within us, a fire that’s a burning, a light that’s been lit by God, and no breezes can blow it out. There’s no cold spells in the church, there’s no indifference amongst the people, no persecution of the world, that can blow out a flame that God has lit. For it’s God’s purpose that His torched light of freedom will burn until the Coming of the Lord, and no powers can blow it out. They will only make it burn brighter as they blow. It’s been proven through the ages that persecution strengthens the Church.”

Have you seen the evidence of the resurrection? Then be prepared to see more, as Brother Branham reveals that the evening lights was the manifestation of the resurrection, and now the evening Lights have come.

“But now the evening Lights has come. The sun is a setting. Civilization is gone. The world is at the end. Now He’s appeared and doing something in our midst, to reveal Himself as the resurrected Christ. Our eyes are, can come open. We can see that He is alive forevermore. The proof of the pudding is the eating thereof. And that’s the proof of the resurrection. If Jesus promised, the Bible did, “He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever,” and He does not prove that, then the Scripture is wrong. Down through the years we’ve had all these Scripture teachings, but this is the day for the manifestation, for the manifestations of the resurrection.”

The tape quizzes will be available for the entire month of April for anyone to take, but only youth with an ID# can submit scores at this time. You can CLICK HERE to view the quiz page.