Theo's Testimony

A mother's love, faith, and a simple prayer brought the God of yesterday, today and forever on the scene for one little boy who needed a special touch from his Heavenly Father.

I just wanted to share Theo’s testimony.

I've been blessed with a loving, compassionate little boy. Last year when Theo was in kindergarten he began to eye and neck twitch. He struggled at school with not fitting in and sadly was bullied. They ran tests and nothing abnormal came back. The Doctors said it was stress and that they should go away. After about a month they disappeared. Then this past fall he started up again. With that the Doctors wanted him to see a neurologist. And at that appointment Theo was diagnosed with Tourette’s this past January.

When Theo first started ticking it was hard for me. I would cry constantly to see my boy go thru so much. He would get headaches and neck pain. He was sad all the time. When we were told that it was Tourette’s, all they had to offer was meds and therapy. I knew that we had something even greater. God! I was not even worried. I knew God had a plan.

A week after that Doctors appointment, my husband took Theo up front in church to be prayed for. After he was prayed for, he was passing me to get in the pew, as I was praying, and I felt the presence of the Lord. Oh how my mommy heart rejoiced.

We went out to eat, and as we were waiting for our food, Theo says to me that he had a strange feeling in church that he never felt before. I asked him if it was when he was being prayed for. And his answer was no. It was when he passed me to sit down in the pew. That confirmed it even more for me. Since that day, Theo has not ticked! The Doctors like to say that Tourette’s waxes and wanes. I saw it happen all last year. Any time something new or stressful happened, he would start ticking. Since the day he was prayed for, we have gone on a long trip, Theo’s been to the emergency room, and he started swim lessons. These are just a few of the things that before would trigger ticking. But no ticking! And Theo’s getting back to being himself again.

Praise the Lord! God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

So it was thought that she couldn’t live. And her mother brought her by, took her hand and laid it over on my hand. Went by, the ulcers left, and she’s in just perfect health. See, it wasn’t my hand that done it. That had nothing to do with it. It was the mother’s faith, her faith in God. Jesus said, “It isn’t I that doeth the works; it’s the Father dwelleth in Me. He doeth the work.” And you’ll only get from God the things that you’re expecting from God in the way you approach God. You approach Him with reverence, with faith, and every Word is true. 60-0110 - "The Queen Of Sheba"