Lost And Found

Below is another testament that we serve a living God who answers ALL of our needs.

God bless you Bride of Christ,

I would like to share with you a testimony that happened to me just this week. Two weeks ago we started literature circles at school, which is basically having the teacher spilt us up into little groups and each group reads a different book. My group was reading the book "Where the red fern grows,” and we were assigned to read a number of pages each day.

So on Saturday when I got a little free time, I decided to go and get my book and read, but when I went down stairs to get my book out of my backpack it wasn't there. I even turned my backpack inside out thinking I might have put it in the wrong pocket , but I still couldn't find my book. So I basically just brushed it off. But as the week went by I started getting really nervous because we had to return all our books on Friday.

I asked my mom if she would help me look, and even with both of us searching for it we still couldn't find it. So on Wednesday night my mom told me that when I got to my class, to tell the teacher what had happened and ask how much money the book had cost so that we could pay for the book. While all of this was happening I was praying God to help find the book and also thanking Him for helping me find it, even though I hadn't found it yet.

On Thursday morning I woke up as usual and kneeled down to pray and thank the Lord for my good night's sleep. I also asked Him to help me find my book and that if I did I would put my testimony on Young Foundations. Then I got up and went to take a bath. When I was done and went to get ready to go to school, my mom came upstairs and told me she had found my book! Then she gave it to me. I was so shocked, happy, and relived at the same time that I was speechless, but inside I was rejoicing.

Bride of Christ, I hope this testimony helps you all realize that Jesus loves you and is ready to not only help you, but also to give you everything that you need, even with the little things.

Massachusetts, usa