Letter To Jesus

Many years have gone by since Brother Branham wrote a very important letter and tacked it on a tree, seeking to hear from God. Today that story has traveled the world and continues to have an impact on God's children, including this young boy.

For school this morning I had asked my boys to write a letter to someone in their journal. One wrote to his daddy, one to a good friend, and my 2nd son Benjamin (10) wrote to Jesus.

I went to go down to the shop to get some food for lunch, and spotted this letter taped to a tree in our garden. He wrote one for his journal, and one for the tree!

His daddy has been mostly unemployed since January this year. With spurts of self employment. We have all recently had head colds which keep lingering on.

Here's what the letter said:

"Dear Jesus, please help dad get a good job. And help us feel better. And please take away all our sins. If you get this letter please answer this and write it on the piece of paper. Love Benjamin"

And I wrote out my prayer, I said, “God, I’ve been an awful man. If you’ll just forgive me.” I took it and tacked it on the tree. I didn’t know how to ask Him. I thought, “If He come by, He could read it and know that I was sorry for what I had done.” I didn’t know how to pray. But the God of Heaven understood that, and He saved my lost soul. Yes. Yes, sir. 56-0902 WMB

I really wanted to share this as it was a huge blessing to me, and an encouragement that even though I don't always feel like I'm doing a good job bringing them up, they are learning.

Since we seen some of the videos of the mothers at the last still waters camp, and how some of them would just play the quizzes for 10 minutes or so every morning. It really encouraged us to do the same with our children. And it's paying off!

God bless!

Western Australia

John might have said something like this. He said, "You know, when I was a little boy, we lived down by Jericho. I remember my Jewish mother used to rock me to sleep in the afternoon; take my afternoon nap. I used to look up in her eyes, and she would tell me Bible stories.” And, you know, that's a good thing for any mother to do to her child. "Bring up a child in the way it should go." It would be better than turning on the television and watch some of these here things that goes on on the television. You’d be better off if you read him a Bible story, 'cause it's impressing his little mind. 64-0319 Calling Jesus On The Scene