He Provides For His Own

It never ceases to amaze us how the Lord truly cares for His own! From school, to a job, to your car, the Lord is in control of it all, if we'll only commit it all into His loving hands.

Good morning!

I was wanting to share my testimony with y'all, I hope it will bless someone.

Last summer I was in need of a car, for getting back and forth to work. I was 16 and only worked part-time so getting a loan could be kinda tricky! We looked all over the Internet and nothing seemed to work out. We prayed about the situation and left it in the Lord's hands, thinking to look again in the spring.

A few days after that my mama was scrolling online and saw a 2003 ford explorer for sale. The engine didn't run but the man had another one that went with the car. All he wanted was $900, and we contacted him immediately. My Daddy knew someone to replace the engine, and by October I had my car! I cleaned it up and it ran fine. The Lord had dropped it right in my lap!! Like all used cars it had its issues, but they made it my car, and no other car could run like Nigal!

This past June it started running really rough. It would shift really hard and stutter after running for a while. Daddy thought it might be low on transmission fluid but he couldn't find where to put more in. The fluid had to be injected by a mechanic, which was very inconvenient as we live 30 minutes out of town. I kept driving it saying we'd get around to it later. It got worse and worse till we thought it might be the transmission itself. I had quit my job to focus on school and had been helping daddy to help pay my bills, but a new transmission can be expensive. I looked it up online and found out that 2003 explorers were known for the transmissions going bad. My hope sank and I thought I'd have to get a new car.

One day I was driving and it started shifting and stuttering. I got mad. I had been listening to different tapes and it seemed every one of them said to ask and you shall receive, or He will give you the desires of your heart. I thought "The Lord gave me this car. He knows I can't afford to replace the transmission or to buy a new car." So right there I prayed and such a peace filled the car, and I knew He had taken care of it. It sat for a couple weeks until we got it to the shop. It was a Tuesday night. Wednesday they called and said that they couldn't find anything wrong with the transmission, but the tires were different tread and it was kicking the 4 wheel drive in and out. Until we got new tires they couldn't find anything else wrong.

Mama and Daddy went and got new tires put on for me, and it's run fine since!

It my have just been a car to some, but the Lord knew I loved that car and He took care of it for me! He provides for His own, and I'm so glad that I can say I'm one of them!

I hope the Lord bless y'all as much as He has me!

Sister Lauren

Let come, let go, what may; if you live, if you die, if you’re this, or that, or the other; nothing separates you from the love of God that’s in Christ Jesus. Christians are not promised a flower bed of ease, but they’re promised grace sufficient for every need they have. Amen. Say, I believe I feel religious right now. Think of it! Yes, sir. Cause, when I get weary, and wonder, I look over here and see this going on, that going on, but I think, “Wait a minute. My, my!” See? There is the Lily of the Valley. 54-1006 - "Law Or Grace"