What Is The YF Trophy?

The TROPHY icon that you are seeing on your YF profile page signifies that you are actively partaking in YF Tape quizzes. Because of this, you are eligible to attend any YF event, including YF Bistros and Gyms, Still Waters Camps, Creations classes, etc… If the trophy does not appear on your account, then you have not met the requirement, and therefore would not be eligible to sign-up or attend YF events. In order to earn your trophy back, you would need to be more consistent in taking Tape quizzes and maintain an ongoing record on your YF account of completed quizzes that we post each month.

This new feature was added to help us maintain what we feel is the right atmosphere at all YF events. We are excited to continue holding these events to keep you more fortified in the Word, and with one another, as fellow soldiers of the Cross.

"Don’t be like the world. We are different. Servants of God are different. They’re borned again; they’re new creatures in Christ. You have no right to take the things of the world and mix it with Christianity. The Christian robe’s not made up of church-made theology. The Christian robe’s made up of the baptism of the Holy Ghost and nothing less than that, and a life to follow that baptism of the Holy Ghost makes you live right, do right, act right, talk right, live right. That is true." 60-0610 - The Rejected King" Rev. William Marrion Branham

God bless you,

Young Foundations