A Mother's Joy

Children have a way of bringing heart-warming smiles in their own sweet, innocent ways. When this reflects the Lord in their little hearts, the joy it brings to a parent is one that is hard to express in words.

Dear Bro. Joseph and Voice of God,

I hope this will put a little smile upon your face as it did mine today and encourage you all to keep pressing on.

My young ones came home Tuesday from Creations reciting that "quiet time is everyday." The video of the European Bistro with the children doing Quiet Time also made a double impression on them. They are so excited for Quiet Time now. Thank you! We have done it everyday since!

Today my 4 year old daughter told me that "sometimes in the videos/pictures there are two people at the same tree when they are doing Quiet Time," so I asked her if she wanted me to be at the same tree as her and she said "yes." Though we sat back to back, she was so still that once I had to turn around to make sure she was still there! And you know, though she cannot even read, there she was, sincerely looking at those little black words in her Bible (and red ones. She likes them because she knows they are Jesus’ Words that He said)! This was touching.

A little while later I heard the sweetest, littlest, high pitch voice ever, singing to the Lord, “Don’t Forget the Family Prayer” and then “Only Believe”. (What songs for a 4 year old!) It was simply -Precious. There really are no words for what I witnessed today.

I wanted to share this simple blessing and thank you for the example put forth on the website and all around at Creations. I love how everything is SATURATED with the Word, and I want you to know -it is doing what it is supposed to be doing. God Richly Bless You.