A Special Picture

One little girl received an extra special blessing when her hearts desire was met at the Agapao Tour in Beaumont, TX this past year.

We went to the Agapao Tour in Beaumont, and while there our daughter, Jasper, gave Brother Joseph her Jesus Jar, and we took a picture. He asked that I send the picture to VGR for him.

I have 2 small testimonies that go with this picture.

First, Jasper turned 5 in march, and just like every year, she received $75 from extended family members. At first she tried to put ALL of it in her Jesus Jar (which I would have been fine with) but I wanted to explain to her how much money it was and that once she put it in there she could not take it out. She had $5's $10's and $20's... I explained how much each of those were (ex. 4 of these $5's equals 1 $20 and so on) so after explaining all that she still decided she wanted to take the biggest bill, a $20, and give it to the Lord. That was such a blessing to me knowing that she now knew how much she was giving.

The other testimony is that when we decided on going to Beaumont, I told Jasper that Brother Joseph would be there and that maybe she could give him her Jesus Jar. This made her so excited! But as the time got closer I got to thinking about how busy he would be and how many other people would be crowding him and I decided against it, so I prayed that God's will would be done, that I didn't want to crowd him with something seemingly trivial when I knew there would be people there wanting prayer and such. I tried to not speak of it and make her forget and I thought I had succeeded. We were all packed and loaded up, fixing to pull out of the driveway when she sprung forward and said "did you get my Jesus Jar??" So I went in and got it. I am so glad I did. Seeing Brother Joseph's look and watching him hug on her and talk to her was so worth it. And I got this wonderful picture that Jasper loves now, and when she gets older, she will cherish for a lifetime!

Lord bless y'all,

P.S. Jasper's full name is Jasper Heaven. We whole heartedly believe in what brother Branham said about there being something to a name, so we have taken great care in naming our children! In Revelations it talks about the foundation and walls being made of Jasper to reflect God's glory. That is what were hoping for, a God reflector!