October Quiz Messages

If you've ever experienced the feeling of being lost in the woods, then you know what a frightening and helpless feeling it is. You become fearful and scared, not knowing where you are or which way to turn. You begin to panic and think that all hope is lost. But the moment you are found, there's an overwhelming feeling of joy and relief! Never again will you enter a strange area of woods without someone who knows the way back; a guide.

As scary as it is to be lost in the physical sense, it's far worse to be lost spiritually. There's nothing more terrible in life than a lost, wondering soul. If we try to go through life’s wilderness journey on our own, without God's provided Guide, then we'll surely end up in that lost, helpless state.

Now, we’re going through a wilderness, and we’re on our road somewhere, and we can’t get along without this Guide. And dare anybody to try to substitute any other guide! If you do, He’ll take you off the line. This Guide knows the way! He knows every inch of the way. He knows every thought that’s in your heart. He knows everybody that’s here. He knows who you are and what you’ve done, and all about you. He’s God’s Guide, the Holy Spirit, and will reveal things to you, and will tell things that He’s heard, can repeat your words right back and say what you said. Amen. Tell you what you’ve been, what you’ve got, where you’re going. A Guide, the correct Guide, and He will guide you to all Truth, and His Word is the Truth. 62-1014E A Guide

God’s provided Guide is all we need and desire! And as long as we're following the correct Guide, we'll never get lost. We have nothing to fear! Our wilderness journey is nearing its end, and our Guide is leading us to our final destination. The countdown is on, and we're ready for take-off.

Countdown’s on! Do you believe it? Amen. Countdown! “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero!” The fire begins to spread, the ministry’s crowned in Glory. Hallelujah! And the old rocket begins to take off, not pointed towards the moon, but pointed towards Glory. Yonder she is, the fire of God spreading. The power of the Holy Ghost lifting her up and beyond the moon, stars, beyond anything that could ever be achieved by man. The Church will take her flight to the bosoms of God in Heaven, one of these mornings. 62-0909M Countdown

For the month of October we will be listening to two uplifting and encouraging messages, A Guide and Countdown. We trust they will give you more strength and courage to keep pressing on. Remember, one of these mornings, "The Church will take her flight to the bosoms of God in Heaven."

The tape quizzes for 62-0909M and 62-1014E will be available for the entire month of October for anyone to take and submit your scores. You can CLICK HERE to view the quiz page.

God bless you,

Young Foundations