August Quiz Messages

We've been taught in the Word that a prophet is God’s mouthpiece. He is made so that he cannot speak his own words. It has to be God’s Words that he speaks.

And when God speaks, the prophet cries. And then let His Kingdom take heed to what he is saying. God has spoken. Let every creature of His Kingdom listen to what He is saying. 62-0513m The Way Of A True Prophet Of God

Because our eyes have been opened to this Truth, and we have received God’s provided way for this end time, He has totally delivered us from all the things of the world, and put us into His holy hands.

So there’s no need for us to live underprivileged, people. There’s no need for us to live in a defeated state, because He defeated the devil and took all the principalities and powers, and subdued them under His feet, and they have no legal rights to rule over you. We are Christians, filled with the Holy Ghost. We don’t have to dic-…have the devil dictate to us. Christ delivered us, total deliverance; delivered us from evil, delivered us from sin, delivered us from habits, delivered us from talking, delivered us from—from blackguard, delivered us from all kinds of smutty things. He totally delivered us and put us into His holy hands; a complete, total deliverance. 59-0712 A Total Deliverance

This month we will be listening to the Messages A Total Deliverance and The Way Of A True Prophet Of God. It is truly amazing how these two tapes go hand-in-hand and blend seamlessly together, despite being preached almost three years apart. We pray they will encourage you and cause the roots of your foundation to hold tighter than ever before onto the Lord Jesus Christ.

These tape quizzes will be available for the entire month of August for anyone to take and submit your scores. You can CLICK HERE to view the quiz page.

God bless you,

Young Foundations