July Quiz Messages

So often, we are guilty of not taking time to commune and fellowship with the Lord, even though He is right there waiting for us. We get preoccupied with our own needs or wants, and we fail to hear that still small Voice trying to speak to our hearts. 

But listen to His still small Voice. Every one of you people who profess to be Christians, get yourself quiet before Him. Don’t let the washing hinder. Don’t let the work hinder. Don’t let nothing hinder. Don’t let nobody know what you’re doing. Just go before Him. Get up in the woods somewhere. Get out on the side of the road. Go into the secret closet and close the door. When the kids gets at school, there get down on your knees. You’ve heard all kinds of voices everywhere, but just get down and stay there until those voices are silenced and you begin to lift up. It’ll change you. It’ll make you different, like It did this little Samuel. It’ll do something to you if you’ll just do it. Now, It’ll make you what you should be. It’ll make you the kind of Christian that you ought to be. 58-1005m Hear His Voice

These words from God's prophet put a yearning in our hearts to get quiet before Him, so that we can be molded into the image of Jesus Christ. That is our sincere prayer, as Brother Branham prays in the quote below!

Lord, grant this. May every one, from these little children to the oldest man and woman in Divine Presence, may the Holy Spirit just now operate on their faith and take away all of the doubts, all of the little failures, and may they be molded after Thy will. While they’re on Your great molding wheel, we lay our souls for dedication, remolding. Grant it, O God, in the Name of Jesus, Thy Son. Amen. 58-1005e God-Called Man

The tape quizzes for these two wonderful messages will be available for the entire month of July for anyone to take and submit your scores. You can CLICK HERE to view the quiz page. 

God bless you,

Young Foundations