June Quiz Messages

From the moment we rise in the morning, until we fall asleep at night, we are constantly making decisions. We can’t even begin to count how many choices we make each day of our lives. As we've learned through this Message, God gave us the privilege, as free moral agents, to make whatever choices we wanted, whether they be right or wrong. Not only do these decisions affect us at the very moment they are made, but they can also determine where we will be, and what we will be doing, in the future.

And it may be, this morning, that there’ll be men and women setting here, that’ll make your final choice. You are today what you are, because several years ago you chose to be what you are now. And what you choose now will determine what you’ll be five years from today. Five years from today you may be a missionary. Five years from today you may be a renown Christian. Or, five years from today you may be in hell, because you made the wrong decision. Five years from today you may be cleaning spittoons in a barroom. Five years from today you may be a prostitute on the street. Or, you may be a man or a woman that’s a—that’s a credit to any society, because of your choice for Christ. Five years from today you may be in Glory, gone in the Rapture, because you made your choice today. 58-0720m By Faith, Moses

By God's grace, we're trusting He will lead us to make the right decisions throughout our lives, so that one day, we will meet Him in the Rapture and be called Home to Glory. That is the day the Bride of Christ is preparing and looking for, with great anticipation.

You talk about singing the redemption story! Why, brother, when Jesus comes, this—this Church will stand yonder on the rims of this earth and sing stories of redemption, when Angels will bow their head, not knowing what we’re talking about. Well, they never was lost. They don’t know what we’ve went through. We know what it means to be lost and be found. 58-0927 Why Are We Not A Denomination?

Today you made the choice to listen to the messages for this month’s tape quizzes, "By Faith, Moses" & "Why Are We Not A Denomination?" What a great decision you've made, for we know that your faith will continue to grow and grow as we listen to this "stored up food." The quizzes for these two messages will be available for the entire month of June for anyone to take and submit your scores. You can CLICK HERE to view the quiz page.

God bless you,

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