March Quiz Messages

There isn’t a doubt that we are living in the closing out of time and the blending in of Eternity. During this great hour, we see the world getting darker and darker. However, the coming of the Lord gets brighter and brighter, as He reveals Himself in His Word and in His manifestation. We are once again about to experience and witness God’s Word being opened right before us, as the mysteries of the Seals continue to be revealed.

When I see that God promised to do a certain thing in this day, when He promised to break off these Seals in this last day! And you don’t know the joy, the glory, when I seen Him reveal this, stand there and watch it happen! And know that I’ll take any person, to charge: He never did say one thing to us but what happened that way. And then to see the joy that’s in my heart, when I see His promise for this last days, as He promised to do it. And here I see it vindicated and made perfectly right. I’m just…You hear me say, “I feel religious.” That’s what’s the matter. The stimulation is so bad, I—I—I just—just about ready to go to cutting up, you know. Stimulation, from revelation! 63-0320 The Third Seal

We feel that same stimulation, because Brother Branham told us, "When the Truth of a promised Word of God has been truly revealed to His saints that’s filled with Oil, they all get stimulated." How glorious it is to be partakers of the Eternal blessings of God through His Eternal, perfect Word!

Now look at the promise of the last days. And here we see it vindicated right before us, the—the present coming of the Holy Spirit and the works that He was supposed to do, and we find it right among us. See? Oh, we should…Oh, my! How can we hear? Something takes place, I tell you, friend! When the real, true, sincere, predestinated believer, when that Light strikes upon that seed, something bursts forth to a new Life. 63-0321 The Fourth Seal

Praise God! That Light is striking upon us and we are bursting forth from the stimulation of the revelation! There is so much to hear and learn in this incredible series, and we're ready to dig into the Third and Fourth Seals with you!

The tape quizzes for 63-0320 & 63-0321 will be available for the entire month of March for anyone to take and submit your scores. You can CLICK HERE to view the quiz page.

God bless you,

Young Foundations