What Is Creations?

In Spring of 2013 we launched a new program within Young Foundations called “Creations.” Creations is a place where YF youth can come to not only learn new trades or skills, but also be taught valuable life lessons from the Word of God. At our Creations building, we offer such classes as sewing, woodshop, craft and home-ec for youth in the Jeffersonville area and abroad. Anyone is welcome to attend Creations classes! You can go back to the Creations home page to view the current Creations calendar, as well as all past Creations class articles. Here you can download a detailed worksheet (printable PDF) explaining the class title, age group, timeframe, needed material, moral lesson, and a tutorial of exactly how we taught each class, with pictures. This is designed for you to teach your own Creations class with your children, Sunday School class, or youth group.

At Creations, it always starts with the Word! Every class begins in prayer, a Scripture reading, and a quote from Brother Branham, all geared around the lesson of the day.

We want to extend what has proven to be a great success in teaching our young believers helpful tools of life, and more importantly, more about our Lord Jesus Christ.


What craft would you like to do today? Craft classes range from making greeting cards to an Apostle boat, but each class is tied together with the Word. The projects contain a wide variety of students from ages 4 to 28 years old, so there is something for everyone!


Sewing is a very important skill for young ladies to learn, and it’s fun too! There are projects for beginners, experts, skirt-makers, clothes-menders, slow-paced workers, and sew-full-speed-until-the-table-shakes workers. (You know who you are.)


Are you wanting to do a woodshop project? Whether it’s your first-time or you’re a skilled worker, there are plans for all ages 10 to 28 years old! Grab your hammer, saw, and screwdriver, and let’s get to work!

What Can You Do?

We are very grateful to have a lot of believers in the Jeffersonville area who help make our local Creations program possible, and we hope that this gives you an idea of something you can do with believers in your area. That is the real purpose of Creations. We are constantly receiving request from parents, churches, Sunday schools, asking for ways they can interact with their youth to keep their focus on the Word and away from the world.

Maybe you can invite your Sunday School class to meet at a park sometime to paint or do a craft, or even build a simple birdhouse. Or maybe one of the elder brothers or sisters with the knowledge to build or sew can invite the youth over to learn these trades for themselves.

We will be posting an article, with a slideshow and printable PDF, for each Creations class we have. This will give you something to base your classes off of. If you decide to follow our classes, or create your own classes, make sure to let us know what you did! Ask your parents or church to help you set something up, and make sure to take lots of pictures and send them to us!