POSTED 3/22/2017

The VGR Romania office has completed another round of Creations class.

POSTED 3/21/2017

You can still continue taking the quizzes, just not able to post your results at this time.

POSTED 3/20/2017

He provides for His own, and I'm so glad that I can say I'm one of them!

POSTED 3/17/2017

Wow! A five week study on the Seven Seals, how privileged we are!

POSTED 3/15/2017

We truly believe that when God has a work to do on earth, He ensures that all the instruments He needs are right in place.

POSTED 3/13/2017

"I took it and tacked it on the tree. I didn’t know how to ask Him."

POSTED 3/10/2017

This report is a true testimony of the amazing impact God's servant had on the youth of his country...

POSTED 3/8/2017

It was Sunday morning service and we were listening to "The Greatest Battle Ever Fought."

POSTED 3/3/2017

Some mediated, some prayed, others read; all were blessed with His presence and enjoyed a special time with the Lord.

POSTED 3/1/2017

"I truly believe that the coming of the Lord Jesus is nigh at hand. I believe that if—we’re living in the shadows of His coming, and I want to do all that I know how to get everyone ready for that grand event..."