POSTED 1/16/2017

It had been 1 year and 9 months since our last bistro in Romania, and I believe the youth were very much looking forward to it...

POSTED 1/13/2017

We had a blessed QT with the young people of Nebo. The presence of the Lord was overwhelming.

POSTED 1/6/2017

My mind immediately went back to what I had asked the Lord in the service.

POSTED 1/1/2017

"Jesus cared enough for the Message of today to bring these same things to pass as He said, till He died and rose again to send them by the Holy Spirit, the Comforter..."

POSTED 12/30/2016

There are SOOO many things that an 8 year old mind can think of...

POSTED 12/26/2016

Brother Branham’s tape was once again played, followed by the climactic bonfire where each group presented a song...

POSTED 12/23/2016

"Wouldn't you love to have that? Wouldn't that be the greatest Christmas present that anybody could get? The gift of Eternal Life."

POSTED 12/19/2016

We were proud to see our young believers dressing up as God's heroes...

POSTED 12/16/2016

I didn't realize that the Lord was actually, truly, waiting for me under that tree.

POSTED 12/13/2016

The children were closely listening and got very excited stretching up their arms...