POSTED 2/20/2017

With only 5 days before camp registration begins, we want you to be ready for the big day on February 25th!

POSTED 2/17/2017

What a great feeling it is when you can see the little ones so excited for making something for the Lord.

POSTED 2/15/2017

During the last Tape service, God led the steps of a pagan to take part of the activity.

POSTED 2/13/2017

I think I may have been happier than the rest of my team, knowing that I was healed.

POSTED 2/10/2017

We are so thankful for what God is doing and we are seeing the results in our children.

POSTED 2/9/2017

The dates have been chosen, and beginning RIGHT NOW you can start pre-registering for your Still Waters Camp of choice!

POSTED 2/8/2017

She is so hungry for love, and God has shown me that there is still missionary work to be done here...

POSTED 2/6/2017

It truly gave them the desire to serve the Lord by giving them the right inspiration.

POSTED 2/3/2017

Reflections on my experience at "Still Waters" summer church camp.

POSTED 2/1/2017

And brother, sister, we can’t afford to let people that we love, and who Christ died for, get away from this life, to die without Life Eternal.