POSTED 4/27/2016

At 1pm, Global Quiet Time here in Norway, each one found their place to come quiet before the Lord.

POSTED 4/22/2016

The atmosphere was electric; joy visibly emanated from the youth that gathered. 

POSTED 4/18/2016

Want to learn a great song on Cub Corner to help you remember that precious Quiet Time with our Lord Jesus? Click the banner!

POSTED 4/13/2016

Ephesus, Smyrna, Thyatira...Do you know the order of the Seven Church Ages?

POSTED 4/9/2016

The children were definitely excited to be messengers of GOOD news and spread the Word!

POSTED 4/6/2016

Today it seemed as if their "Scripture of the Prophet" song "Malachi 4:5-6" became more real to them!

POSTED 4/6/2016

So today as you go about your schoolwork or job, take a few minutes to reflect on the impact this Message and Messenger has had on your life.

POSTED 4/4/2016

Every day seeing the planted jars is a constant reminder of what the meaning for Justification, Sanctification, and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost are.

POSTED 4/1/2016

"There's been all kinds of make beliefs and so forth, but the message the church has is the greatest news flash that ever struck the world. "

POSTED 3/29/2016

It was 10 years ago on Easter weekend that VGR announced its newest branch of ministry for the Message youth of the world.