POSTED 12/1/2016

Nuts for Christ

POSTED 12/1/2016

"That's why He was born in Bethlehem. That's why He had to come, because it was the bread center, the Bread of Life. It was the water center. What is it? The Waters of Life. And in Jesus was both..."

POSTED 11/30/2016

We have added several new products to the YF products page, including the new Agapao Hero Tablets and many of the Still Waters Camp products.

POSTED 11/28/2016

We enjoyed seeing those little ones reading their bibles and praying.

POSTED 11/25/2016

Giving Thanks had a nice change of view this year for our faithful elders.

POSTED 11/24/2016

Happy Thanksgiving from YF

POSTED 11/21/2016

If you love your mom and you like fishing you're a good boy!

POSTED 11/18/2016

You can see something special when a family participates together on these type of activities.

POSTED 11/15/2016

The Haiti Relief Jesus Jar Project is coming to an end.

POSTED 11/14/2016

They had a blast “hunting” their squirrels. Once all the youth had a chance, even some adults couldn’t help but give it a try.