POSTED 1/31/2015

Something special happened about a month back during our morning devotions.

POSTED 1/30/2015

This is a pottery-glazing class for families, friends, relatives, and believers of ALL ages!

POSTED 1/28/2015

After Quiet Time the kids had a beautiful time of fellowship and fun.

POSTED 1/27/2015

Creations is ready for a fun-packed year! Are you?

POSTED 1/26/2015

While the world welcomes the New Year 2015 in revelry and fireworks, the Message Youths in Metro Manila ushered in the New Year in a more blessed and unique way.

POSTED 1/23/2015

Monday the 17th of November was a holiday in Colombia.

POSTED 1/19/2015

This time we had a new entry, an orthodox girl.

POSTED 1/16/2015

What a good way to spend our energy, by helping our brothers racking leaves!!

POSTED 1/15/2015

Now that these giant tracts have got the peoples attention...

POSTED 1/12/2015

In the past we would have posted the SW camp schedule by now...