POSTED 10/21/2016

We thank the Lord as He continues to unite His Bride together from all parts of the world.

POSTED 10/17/2016

God is the ultimate specialist, and His specialty is "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."

POSTED 10/14/2016

She had the witnessing cards laid out for someone to take. I felt so proud of her and wished I had thought of doing that.

POSTED 10/12/2016

To be there with my son and experience what I truly believe is a little taste of Heaven was something I'll never forget and can't find the words to express.

POSTED 10/10/2016

It deeply blessed our hearts to see all the little bitty faces just expressing their curiosity and eagerness...

POSTED 10/6/2016

Dads got closer to their sons, moms got closer to their daughters, and everyone got closer to our Father.

POSTED 10/3/2016

We had blessed moments with the young people, and we could tell a lot of their happiness by reading their expressions on their faces.

POSTED 10/1/2016

"What we need is men and women, today, of gallant spirit, men and women who are determined to hold on, till they see a God that really lives, come into action, that will not take no for an answer."

POSTED 9/29/2016

It is just the icing on the cake, a little prize for something they were already doing.

POSTED 9/26/2016

When they went back home, they gave their pastor a hard time requesting him to allow them to be having QT.