POSTED 9/26/2016

When they went back home, they gave their pastor a hard time requesting him to allow them to be having QT.

POSTED 9/23/2016

We sat down and the music just came and the kids were coming up with verses and ways to sing it.

POSTED 9/21/2016

After listening to the quote from the PDF, they had a blast creating the ark scene on Mt. Ararat.

POSTED 9/19/2016

They need to have a mobile device to play the Message through their speakers, and they need them fast.

POSTED 9/17/2016

From miraculaous healings of sickness and disease, to the salvation of lost souls, to the filling and re-filling of the Holy Ghost, God moved at Still Waters last week

POSTED 9/16/2016

After Quiet Time we enjoyed some beautiful moments of worship. The presence of the Lord was there! 

POSTED 9/12/2016

From the manufacturer, to our VGR Holland office, across the ocean in a container bound for Africa, trucked across two countries, and into the hands of our Zimbabwe and Malawi offices.

POSTED 9/10/2016

It’s wonderful to see their faces in dedication and enthusiasm for the activities about God.

POSTED 9/1/2016

God makes you His servant, today, because He knows, and knowed before you ever come on the earth.

POSTED 8/29/2016

Truly, this past Still Waters camp saw many predestinated seeds of God enlist themselves into the Lord’s Army.