POSTED 11/30/2015

We like sharing quotes together on special occasions...

POSTED 11/25/2015

It's a Thanksgiving episode from Cub Corner News!

POSTED 11/25/2015

There is a tremendous blessing awaiting the Bride of Christ this week.

POSTED 11/23/2015

This report is to give praise to God for the mighty works He is doing for the young Bride of Christ around the country.

POSTED 11/16/2015

Young people like to be with young people, they have things in common and like to get together.

POSTED 11/9/2015

I’m just nervous that I will mess up, but I have started to get braver.

POSTED 11/5/2015

We’re anticipating a great time in the Lord, and we hope to see you there.

POSTED 11/3/2015

On the week of November 13th, Young Foundations will continue the YF Jubilee Tour across the state of Pennsylvania

POSTED 11/2/2015

The Zimbabwe youth were faced with a challenge when they embarked on some epic mission trips...

POSTED 11/1/2015

Are you ready to be led by the Leadership of the Holy Spirit? Do you have the power of transformation lying within you?