POSTED 6/29/2015

Yes, 2015 is already half gone, and VGR vacation is quickly approaching!

POSTED 6/24/2015

With Round One of the battle over, and a victorious outcome, it was time to call in a second set of troops to go to battle.

POSTED 6/19/2015

It seemed God had opened the windows of heaven that particular morning and His blessings were falling free.

POSTED 6/17/2015

Everything was in order and it really was a learning experience for many young people...

POSTED 6/15/2015

The Lord began to move among this little group of youth as the minutes passed by.

POSTED 6/13/2015

Malawi Relief Effort - Sponsorship Project Update

POSTED 6/11/2015

This past weekend, Young Foundations set out on its first “Jubilee Tour” road trip bound for Macon, Georgia.

POSTED 6/9/2015

It was so nice to see the youth enjoy themselves and have a great time and subsequent Quiet Time.

POSTED 6/1/2015

All I can say is my life was changed to be a Prisoner of the Lord Jesus Christ.

POSTED 5/31/2015

We count it a great honor to listen to the final sermon in the Adoption series with you today.