POSTED 7/1/2016

We're excited to announce that Still Waters Camp is just around the corner, and we have just posted our 2016 T-shirts!

POSTED 7/1/2016

It’s nothing I can do in myself. It’s just what He shows me, is all I can speak. Only thing that any true man of God could ever say, but what God would put in his mouth to say. Outside of that, it would totally be a failure.

POSTED 6/27/2016

The Lord delivered me through a prayer of the prophet.

POSTED 6/24/2016

The kids enjoyed a quiet moment of communion with our Lord Jesus. The atmosphere in the gym was so sweet that even the workers at the gym came to attest to that.

POSTED 6/17/2016

They were very proud of their work, calling their parents to come see and take pictures together.

POSTED 6/2/2016

"What decision will you make now, when you see His Angel moving, see the message come? Jesus is coming soon. The Angel of God is here on the earth..."

POSTED 5/25/2016

As my day went on, I kept telling everyone that I could about the birth of my prophet.

POSTED 5/16/2016

In the year of 2015 we had about 500 young people visits.

POSTED 5/12/2016

The veil was pulled back and the tour was given an opportunity to see inside the Holiest of Holies.

POSTED 5/10/2016

The project we did was based off of the Cub Corner magazines that the cubs receive.