POSTED 8/29/2016

Truly, this past Still Waters camp saw many predestinated seeds of God enlist themselves into the Lord’s Army.

POSTED 8/19/2016

I had the privilege and honor of attending the July 18 Still Waters Camp of 2016. I just wish I knew what words I could use to describe camp, and how perfect it is.

POSTED 8/18/2016

The Lord Jesus truly poured out His Spirit upon us over camp 2 at Still Waters.

POSTED 8/15/2016

Today is a very special holiday. Next to the birth of Christ, it’s one of the biggest holidays of the world. Squirrel Season!

POSTED 8/2/2016

Passing underneath the banner, they walked up the unique path to the first station; a humble little log cabin that looked very familiar.

POSTED 8/1/2016

The second 2016 Still Waters Camp is underway for the 13-15 youth! Check out the pictures HERE!

POSTED 8/1/2016

God is a Spirit and He can’t die. So God had to be made man, and He died in human flesh, in the form of a man called “Jesus Christ,” and that was the promised Messiah that bought the grace.

POSTED 7/28/2016

Brother Joseph welcomed the guests and told them how every detail of Still Waters had been put together in LOVE, for them.

POSTED 7/21/2016

The first 2016 Still Waters Camp is underway!

POSTED 7/11/2016

Those on the receiving end were given the opportunity to receive an even greater blessing; Eternal Life.