POSTED 2/2/2016

"And I believe that the greatest battle that was ever fought, is now ready to go in action. I believe that God has been selecting His soldiers. I believe He's been dressing them, training them."

POSTED 2/1/2016

Now that you’ve given us your camp preferences and updated your Profile and your Medical Information, what’s next?

POSTED 1/29/2016

We have now opened up the AR Jubilee Tour to all 16-28 youth in the surrounding states of Arkansas

POSTED 1/29/2016

"Every time the opportunity presents itself, worship the Lord by testifying of Him."

POSTED 1/25/2016

Psssst... Want to know how to get through the camp registration process quicker?!

POSTED 1/22/2016

It’s time to get the Jubilee Tour back on the road again! Our next location, Little Rock, Arkansas!

POSTED 1/18/2016

Our Pakistan VGR representative recently sent us this report of the first Sunday School Creations class in their country.

POSTED 1/15/2016

It’s a great joy to join with you in these classes to give children the desire of loving this precious Message...

POSTED 1/13/2016

What started as a pizza run, ended up being very rewarding.

POSTED 1/11/2016

The big day for the official registration will be...