POSTED 7/31/2015

Upon the beauteous grounds of Still Waters, youthful souls gather round...

POSTED 7/27/2015

We had a nice time of presentations, cake cutting, ice cream eating and singing that night, and the moms were all smiles!

POSTED 7/24/2015

It is a great blessing to have one another to draw strength from when we face life's many trials.

POSTED 7/17/2015

We are pleased to inform you that we just successfully held our second YF Gym Day.

POSTED 7/10/2015

I just pray that every young boy and girl can have the same experience...

POSTED 7/6/2015

Jalisco Mexico Creations Cloud Class

POSTED 7/3/2015

Just to see a desire in her to do what is right is such a blessing.

POSTED 7/2/2015

For those people who do not really comprehend why Facebook exists.

POSTED 7/2/2015

The many grateful believers from Malawi say Thank You!

POSTED 6/29/2015

Yes, 2015 is already half gone, and VGR vacation is quickly approaching!