POSTED 4/17/2015

The girls had an awesome time sewing the pillow cases!

POSTED 4/15/2015

Zimbabwe is blessed with young people who love this Message and the messenger too!

POSTED 4/13/2015

This was our first Easter tour for people to come and see what really happens at Creations.

POSTED 4/10/2015

As we realize daily, how important His Voice is to us, it humbles us to think of the great sacrifice it took, one man’s entire life, to bring it to us

POSTED 4/8/2015

Just as the sun was about to take his rest, the formation was completed.

POSTED 4/6/2015

Thank you, Lord, for sending us a prophet to show us the way.

POSTED 4/6/2015

Piles of loose single tracts and booklets quickly became colorful packs bearing a life giving message for a hungry soul somewhere.

POSTED 4/3/2015

He Has Risen From The Dead!

POSTED 4/3/2015

God has his time, and then I saw the billboards that you all did.

POSTED 4/1/2015

The following is the schedule for VGR events over Easter weekend.