POSTED 10/9/2015

Like Creations days, we point the children to the Message in everything that we do.

POSTED 10/7/2015

The children piled in the front door with wide eyes, big smiles, and some with backpacks that looked bigger than themselves!

POSTED 10/1/2015

For the month of October, we will be listening to two very timely messages that fit in perfectly with the Jubilee messages we've been feasting on.

POSTED 9/28/2015

You are working hard to keep us young people in the Message and to walk more closer to God everyday.

POSTED 9/24/2015

We have created a mobile app version for this game, available for both iOS and Android.

POSTED 9/21/2015

The Power of the Voice of God in this Last day has been shaking the little Amerindian village of Moruca.

POSTED 9/18/2015

We are the first beneficiaries of this great ministry in Durban.

POSTED 9/14/2015

You don’t know what this is doing to my people.

POSTED 9/11/2015

When we got here, the desire to be a Christian got even stronger.

POSTED 9/8/2015

"God don't want you to be frowning. God wants you to be happy."