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Young Foundations is a ministry of Voice Of God Recordings, developed especially for our young people. As young adults and children face the many distractions and temptations in the world today, Young Foundations has been designed to provide them with the personal attention and direction they need to keep their focus on the basic values essential to the life of a young believer.

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How we love that precious Word! How the Christian should be established in the Faith that was once delivered to the saints, and not be tossed about, place to place, and joining different churches. Any church you want to belong to is all right, as long as you're a Christian. But first put the first thing, which is that Birth that makes you kinfolks to God, as God became kinfolks with you.

He become kinfolks, that he might raise you up. Before He could raise you up, He has to give you Eternal Life. Then God had to become kinfolks, to take death, to raise you up. Then you have to become kinfolks to Him, in order to go in the resurrection. You see what it is? It's just a swap. God became you, that you might become God. See? God became a part of you, flesh, that you might by His grace become a part of Him, that's all, to have Eternal Life.

Excerpt from Hebrews, Chapter Six #3 September 15, 1957
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