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Young Foundations is a ministry of Voice Of God Recordings, developed especially for our young people. As young adults and children face the many distractions and temptations in the world today, Young Foundations has been designed to provide them with the personal attention and direction they need to keep their focus on the basic values essential to the life of a young believer.

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And then Jesus, although busy as He was, and His busy schedule, He always keeps His appointment. You can depend on that. He keeps His appointment.

Now let's look into the room and see what's going on. I can see Pharisee over there tipping his glass and saying, "Rabbi, you know what?" And the great conversation going on, the businessmen talking of their business and everything. The banquet is in--banquet is in full swing now, this great feast.

But, look, setting over against the wall, not being noticed, was Jesus. He kept His appointment. He come. He always keeps His Word. All His promises, He fulfills. But notice Him. He is setting over there, dirty. I hate to say that. It kills me to say it. But, His feet was dirty. He hadn't been anointed. He hadn't been kissed welcome, though He was invited.

Excerpt from Jesus Keeps All His Appointments April 18, 1964
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