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Young Foundations is a ministry of Voice Of God Recordings, developed especially for our young people. As young adults and children face the many distractions and temptations in the world today, Young Foundations has been designed to provide them with the personal attention and direction they need to keep their focus on the basic values essential to the life of a young believer.

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The same things that Jesus did, to show, them same things like takes place here: same Angel of God, same works, same evidence, same everything, everything along, same Gospel, right with the Word. “If that was taught by the Lord, then confirmed by His disciples that we’ve heard,” Paul being the same, “how shall we escape, if we neglect such great salvation?”

Now, Paul was saying that to his Hebrew audience. Now, they didn’t have tape recorders, today, like we got here. But they had scribes who was setting there, taking It down just as Paul was preaching It. And that’s what It is right here. We’re getting It by tape recorders, and these tapes go over the world, see, to show that It is the Truth. Our religion is not in vain, It’s absolutely the resurrected Jesus Christ, same thing. Now we mustn’t neglect It.

Now, just don’t go away from church, today, and say, “Well, I kind of enjoy going down there. I like the singing, and the people are friendly around that little old church.” Don’t do that.

Brother, let your heart become a flame, say, “Here, I got to do something about this. I got to get out and see if I can get somebody saved.”

Excerpt from Hebrews, Chapter Three September 01, 1957
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