God's Great Army

POSTED 5/4/2024

In this class you will make a project that uses string art, vinyl, and more; encompassing the powerful points Brother Branham speaks on in the Message, “The Greatest Battle Ever Fought.” And... it glows in the dark!





Lesson - Part 1

Welcome to Creations! I hope you’re excited as we are to be here…
Class I know it’s been a while, but does anyone remember what we do first??? That’s right, Pray.
(Call on a student to pray)

Today’s class is going to be on the subject of God’s Great Army. So the first thing we want to do is raise up those Swords for Sword drills. Swords up!

Genesis 15:5

God told Abraham that he’s going to have children, and grandchildren, and great grandchildren, and great, great, great, great grandchildren… So many that it will be like trying to count the stars in Heaven!

Swords up! This Scripture is really similar to the last one.

Hebrews 11:12

We have another Sword Drill, but I’m only going to play the Scripture of the prophet song. See if you can get it!

Revelation 18:1

Now we’d like Brother Branham to read the Scripture he read on the tape for our Home Camp, Ephesians 6. Let’s all stand.

Ephesians 6:10-17

• Today is a continuation of the theme we had for Home Camp last year, God’s Great Army! We’ve been very excited to FINALLY have this class with you. We have a little video to play for you before we start the lesson.

• Did you enjoy that?! On the Tape, The Greatest Battle Ever Fought, Brother Branham talks a lot about the stars in Heaven, and how they all keep their place. He said if just one gets out of order, it disrupts the whole plan of God. • All those stars in the sky each have their place, and did you know that Brother Branham said that no one can take your place either? I want to read a quote you may have never heard before. Brother Branham says:

221 Do you realize that you represent a star in Heaven, and every star in Heaven represents you? Did you know God told Abraham that his seed would be like the stars of the Heaven? First they were the dust of the earth, and then in the resurrection they were the stars of Heaven, innumerable. Did you realize that? 54-0512 — The Seven Church Ages

• Wow! Each one of you represents a star in Heaven! And each star in Heaven represents you! No matter how little you think you are, you represent a star in Heaven, and no one else can take your place! • Did anyone see the solar eclipse in April of 2024? I want to ask you a question… how did they know that was going to happen? It is because God’s great army in the sky is always perfectly on time, and perfectly in their place! Let’s listen to what Brother Branham said about it:

124 How can they explain this earth standing in the sockets, hanging in the air like this, turning perfectly, and so perfectly timed, till the astronomers can tell the very minute the eclipse will come in the moon, between the moon and sun twenty, and thirty years ahead of time? 125 There’s not a piece of machinery ever invented that can move that, not move that perfect. Your watch won’t do it, there’s no watch can keep perfect time, not for any space of time. It’ll lose tick or two, or gain a tick or two. There—there’s nothing man can do like that, but God is perfect, He is right on time. 61-0521 — Show Us The Father

• So, all the stars of the sky are perfectly in their place, and all the stars on earth, that’s YOU, must be perfectly in your place too! If just one of God’s children gets out of order, it throws the Lord’s whole plan off.
• So how do we KNOW when we are in the right place? By the WORD. Say it with me, BY THE WORD…again, BY THE WORD! And who does the Word come to? That’s right! The prophet. So, you should always stay with the Message. That’s how you KNOW you are in your place, by doing what the prophet said. Stay with that Word.
• When Satan tries to tempt you and get you to tell a lie; or for you girls he tries to make you sassy, or dress bad; or you boys to get mad at your mom and dad, or look at bad things…what do you do? give him the Word. Say “no sir, devil, the Word says not to do those things.”
• Do you remember on the tape when Brother Branham speaks about the five outward senses? The outer ring? Can anyone tell me what one of those senses are? (See, taste, feel, smell, hear.) Then there is an inner ring, and who can tell me one of those? (Imagination, conscience, memory, reason, affection.) And then on the inside of the inside, what are those senses? There is only one. (faith, or doubt.) That is right.

• The Message teaches us that the devil works on those OUTER senses, but the Lord works on the INNER sense of Faith. The devil wants the man's head, but God's takes the heart.
• When the devil tries to get me to SEE something bad, or HEAR something bad, what do I do? I resist the devil. Like Jesus did to the devil, I say, it is written that I should not do those things.
• Now you are finding your place like a star in heaven! That is where the true believer always needs to be. We fight the devil with the WORD. We are not a falling star, but we are stars holding their place, exactly where the Lord placed us.

Now we will begin our project. We will be making a glow in the dark constellation of stars today!

Lesson - Part 2

For this lesson, you will need a Church Age Book to show to the students.

Let’s begin as we always do, with a word of prayer. Do I have any volunteers to lead us in prayer?
(Call on a student to pray)

• Alright, lets pull out those Swords for a few Sword drills. Swords up!

Psalm 148:3-4

• Swords up!

I Peter 5:4

• Now we will play a Scripture of the prophet song, see who can get it first! Swords up!

Amos 3:7

• Good job! Let’s play another Scripture of the prophet song. Are you ready? Swords up…

Zechariah 14:6-7

• Now we’ll hear a quote from Brother Branham, which introduces the subject for our class today, called “Stars in his crown.” Let’s listen.

12 Forgive me if I try to take the place of a boss; I’m no boss. But I feel to you like Paul said back there about his congregation once, “You’re the stars in my crown.” When I cross over the land over on the other side yonder, and meet you in that glorified condition, I want you to stand there to shine like the stars in my crown. See? And I—I want you to be there, I want to be there.
13 And I remember in my vision when I seen the Presence of the Lord, or His people in that glorious Land yonder, I looked around, I told them…And they told me He would judge me first by the Gospel that I preach. I said, “Just exactly the way Paul preached It!”
14 And them millions of people screamed out, “We’re resting on that!” See? See. Now, I want it to be so. And we are going to meet there someday.
61-0108 — Revelation, Chapter Four Part III

• Amen, Brother Branham said we are stars in his crown, by being converts of his ministry. Does anyone remember Brother Branham talking about going beyond the curtain of time? What is so neat to think about is, YOU were there at that Place too! You see, Brother Branham went beyond time and saw millions of people who have accepted the Message of the hour. Do you believe the Message that Brother Branham preached on the tapes? Sure you do. So YOU were there at that Place with him saying, “Brother Branham, we are resting on the Message that you preached!”
• Do you see the picture here? (point to the crown picture of Brother Branham in the Church Age book.) Well Brother Billy Paul used to tell a story of how he thought the book was printed wrong, because the ink from this page, could be seen on this page. (Demonstrate how the ink bled through by holding up that page of the book and showing both sides of it.) Can you all see that? (continue demonstrating for them all to see.) Brother Billy was so upset, and he told Brother Branham, “daddy, I’m so sorry, they printed this book all wrong. Look at what they did!”
Brother Branham said, “no son, that is the way it was supposed to be printed. You see how you can see the stars bleed through? How they make a crown on my head on this page? That is the way the Lord wanted it to be.” That is a pretty awesome story isn’t it!!
• Here is another quote where Brother Branham speaks about “Stars in his crown.” Listen close:

5 And that’s the same thing here. It isn’t to hurt your church, hurt your feelings. Where you, well, you’re my beloved brothers and sisters. Why, my, if there’s any crow-…If there’s a star in my crown, if I’ve won someone to Christ, it’s you. Well, I ain’t going to break my star, I’m sure. But, if there’s any something gets on my star that oughtn’t be on there, I’m going to break that if I can. I’m going to do that ’cause I want it to shine. And if I can get the church all in harmony and one accord, then the whole thing’s shining, you see. See what I mean? And that’s what we have to do.
54-0516 — Questions And Answers (Law Having A Shadow)

• Brother Branham said here that we are all stars in his crown, and when he corrects us on the tapes and says, “you should never get mad at someone” or, “you need to read your Bible and pray more”, it’s not to hurt our feelings, he just wants us to shine brighter! He wants us to be the best stars that we can be!
• And to be the brightest star you can be, you must have Faith that you are a star in his crown. And Faith cometh by… (pause) Hearing. Hearing the… (pause) Word. And the WORD comes to the…(pause) Yes, the prophet.
• Now let’s get back to our project…