The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 57-0519E Love will be available until Monday, July 31, 2017

1) How many handkerchiefs did Brother Branham say he sent out around the world in a week?
Tens of thousands
50 or so
2) How many years was Brother Branham on the game warden force, and he never made one arrest? He believed he could talk to them and make a better conservationist out of them, than he could fine them and make them pay for it.
3) What Scripture was Brother Branham referring to when he said, "That is enough Scripture to convert the entire world to God and to Christ tonight. If it be received in the right mental attitude, it would do it, would bring every sinner to his knees."
Romans 5:8
1 John 4:10
Galatians 2:20
John 3:16
4) "And I believe in heartfelt religion. I believe that you feel it, that God gives you something inside of you that changes you. It makes the _______ around you different. I’ve tried that. I know it’s the truth, that man create in himself the _______ that he lives in."
5) "And if you’ll learn to love and to be kind to everybody, and to be gentle, have patience, it’ll even make your home life different. It’ll make your associations different. God will _______ you."
6) When the maniac man approached Brother Branham on the platform and said he was going to break every bone in his body, Brother Branham said: "I turned and looked at him. Ordinarily I’d been scared to death. But instead of that, something happened. Oh, I wished it would always happen. Instead of despising that man, I _______ him. Something has to do it. I begged God, let me get in that state and stay there forever."
7) One day while Brother Branham was mowing his backyard, he slammed right into what?
A bee hive
A tree
A hornet’s nest
His fence
8) What was it that entered Brother Branham’s yard one day, and he said she was a real mother?
A deer
A dog
A cow
None of the above
9) "God wants you to take love and be _______ with it, not love and hold it to yourself. Display your love. Prove your love. Show my your faith by your works. There you are. Prove that you love God."
10) Brother Branham tells the forgotten story of a great hero, Arnold von Winkelried, who gave his life to save his country. What country was he from?
11) When Jesus came to earth and looked around, what did He see was man’s greatest fear?
Fear of death
Life in poverty
Being disabled
To not be loved
12) God changes what He speaks. He makes new those things that He speaks of.
13) "All of a sudden, what happened? Up sprung a _______, in went the _______, here come a _______, and the world was destroyed."
Doctrine / Members / Denomination
Group / United / Bride
Prophet / Supernatural / Message
Dictator / Army / War
14) What was It that lead the children of Israel out of Egypt?
The Pillar of fire
The Angel of the covenant
Jesus Christ
All the above
15) Christ wants to bring you up in the glory, but He can only do it as you permit Him to do it.
16) What people knew that it was the sign of Messiah, because Jesus knowed what was wrong with the woman at the well?
17) “Listen. One day there was an old cross dragging up Golgotha, dragging out the bloody footprints of the Bearer. And He fell under the load. And _______________, come and picked up the cross and helped Him bear it on.”
Simon, a colored man
Titus, a Greek man
Zacchaeus, a little man
Simon Peter, the apostle
18) Brother Branham tells the audience that it doesn’t make any difference if you raise your hand or not.
19) Brother Branham said in the prayer line: “Sonny boy, the great Angel of God Who stood near Brother Branham, which is here right now. You might not be able to see It, but It’s here. You recognize that. You’re blessed. God has brought you into His Presence. Now, you go away believing that you will get over the diabetes." What did he tell the boy to do after saying this?
You call and tell me about it
You write and tell me about it
You come visit and tell me about it
You have your daddy tell me about it
20) The devil has no respect; he tackles the strong the same as he tackles the weak.