The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 51-0729A The Resurrection Of Lazarus will be available until Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1) There's no Scripture in the Bible that says Christians die.
2) One case of healing or one vision before him, took more out of Brother Branham than _____ hours of preaching.
3) How many professional fights did Brother Branham win?
4) Where did Brother Branham's parents meet?
5) What happened to the man that tried to deceive God and put false things on his prayer card?
Brother Branham said them things he put on his card would come upon him
Brother Branham led him to Christ
He died
Brother Branham forgave him
6) Where does Brother Branham read in the Scriptures?
Saint John 11:18
Luke 16:20
Matthew 28:19
John 3:16
7) Who went out to meet Jesus when He was returning from Jerusalem after the death of Lazarus?
Mary, the mother of Jesus
Mary Magdalene
8) The Logos is the Son of God.
9) When God said "Let Us make man in Our own image," what image did He make?
A spirit man
A man of flesh
Another Logos
An angel
10) What did Brother Branham describe man as? It became marred and black when man sinned and fell?
A big white sheet
A little white cloud
A light
A white lamb
11) _____ announced the first coming of Christ, and _____ will announce the second coming of Christ.
Woodworm, Gabriel
Michael, Michael
Michael, Gabriel
Gabriel, Gabriel
12) What happened to Zacharias because he failed to believe God's Angel?
He was dumb until the day the baby was born
He was deaf until the day the baby was born
He was smitten with leprosy
He was blinded for a season
13) Zacharias had many examples, but he still failed to believe the Angel. What were two examples Brother Branham used?
Ruth and Naomi
Sarah and Rebekah
Rachel and Leah
Sarah and Hannah
14) How was Jesus related to John?
They were brothers
They were second cousins
John was Jesus' uncle
There was no relation
15) What happened the first time the Name of Jesus Christ was ever spoke by mortal lips?
Zacharias was healed
Mary fainted
A dead baby come to life in the womb of a mother
A blind man received his sight
16) When John said "Behold, the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world," as Jesus was walking down to the Jordan, what color of robe was He wearing?
17) What do theologians believe Lazarus died with?
A heart attack
Hemorrhages of the lungs
A sun stroke
18) Brother Branham said Lazarus was the breadwinner for his family. What did Lazarus do?
He sold bread in the market place
He was a farmer
He was a tax collector
He was a scribe at the temple
19) What was Martha's answer when Jesus said "Believeth thou this?"
"Yea Lord"
"Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters' table"
"No Lord"
"Why didn't you come when we called you?"
20) Which of the following examples is NOT one that Brother Branham used when speaking about Jesus being more than a man?
When Jesus took five biscuits and five little fishes and fed five thousand
When Jesus commanded the legion of demons to depart into a herd of swine
When Jesus rose on Easter morning, He broke every shackle of hell, death, and the grave
When Jesus stuck His foot on the brail of the boat, looked up and said, "Peace be still," and the waves and wind obeyed Him