57-0629 Stand Still And See The Salvation Of The Lord

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Friday, June 30, 2017

Who did Brother Branham say developed a sore throat under the great rainy season they were having?
Billy Paul
His wife
His little boy, Joseph
What song did Brother Branham’s wife sing for him the last service he had in the Tabernacle at Jeffersonville before leaving on the evangelistic tours?
I Am Bound For The Promised Land
We’re Marching To Zion
They Come From The East And West
Onward Christian Soldiers
Brother Branham took his text from Second Chronicles 20:17. “Stand _______ And See The Salvation Of The Lord.”
“We are so acquainted with these Scriptures, and in this day that we live we see such a hustle and bustle of the people, how people are just going from place to place, driving through the streets like _______ and—and not knowing where they’re going, and caring less, and ramming into each other and wrecking. And it just seem to be such a neurotic age.”
“And then we can know that when we are getting ready to do right, _______ is always present. But the way to overcome that, is to think in your heart which way God would have you to go and which is the best way, then stay with that way.”
The hour had come when Caleb had to get the people still before he could tell them what?
How to defeat the giants
The promise of God
Where to cross the Jordan
The laws of Moses
Every time that God makes a move, it attracts the attention of all and creates what?
A mixed multitude
“And God can only show His glory when His people stand still and _______.”
Ignores it
Persuades it
Teaches it
Looks for it
God does not like to display His power.
What did Brother Branham’s children have him do that made him feel good?
Tell him how handsome he was, even without his hair
Draw up his muscle and tell him he had such big muscles
Ask him to tell them the teaching on Moses story
Tell him how much they miss him while he is away preaching
Which Bible story does Brother Branham NOT speak about of God displaying His power?
Moses crossing the Red Sea
The blind beggar
Daniel in the lion's den
David and Goliath
“Now, in the face of this in this great shaking hour, that when the devil, if he can’t keep you from seeing the truth, he will _______ with it.”
Manipulate you
Deceive you
Push you overboard
Puff you up
Which story from his own ministry does Brother Branham NOT speak about of God displaying His power?
Little fish
Congressman Upshaw
Nelly Sanders
Donny Morton
“It’s not your _______. Just stand still; it’s God’s _______. Don’t be flusterated. Don’t be upset; stand still.”
What song does Brother Branham start singing after asking the sinners to raise their hands?
O Lamb Of God, I Come
Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross
Thank You Lord, For Saving My Soul
Amazing Grace
“Oh, there’s something about the blessed old Gospel that just _______ you out on the inside. It does me; it just makes me feel like a different person.”
“It’s come a day like the prophet said, “There come a day where it would not be ________ nor _______. But in the evening it would be light.” And we’re living in the blessed evening time.”
Hot / Cold
Peace / Love
Day / Night
Near / Far
Who had the Bible 2000 years before we had it?
The Russians
The oriental people
The Indians
The Europeans
“God has made the shade clouds of _______ stand still while the Sun of _______ is rose with healing in His wings. The clouds of shadows of doubt and skeptics and infidels, their mouths are shut up.”
Denominations / Righteousness
Righteousness / Denominations
Worldliness / Denominations
Denominations / Evangelism
Brother Branham said: “Satan, stand still and see the power of the living God. We adjure thee to stand off of these people. Let God display His power, in Jesus Christ’s Name.” What happened after he said this and challenged every crippled or sick person to stand?
Not a single person stood to their feet
A third of the congregation left the building
The people started speaking in unknown tongues
The whole audience stood to their feet