57-0126b India Trip Report

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Scripture speaks of God's first commission to His church?
Matthew 10
Mark 16
Matthew 28
John 21
In the story of the woman who got sick while her son was away at school, what was her son studying to be?
A doctor
A minister
A scientist
A business man
Who was the Vice President of the Sudan missions of the Baptist?
Brother Branham
Dr. Vayle
Brother Boze
Dr. Reidhead
Mr. Reidhead said that part of this chapter in the Bible is not inspired?
Matthew 28
Matthew 10
Mark 16
Mark 1
Morris Reidhead was able to convince the Mohammed man to reject his prophet and accept Jesus Christ as the one true prophet.
After landing in India, what did the Methodist bishop and many others tell Brother Branham?
That he was going to be arrested if he did not leave immediately
That he was a false prophet
That no one would be attending his meetings
That his set up was wrong and the wrong group had sponsored him
What did Brother Branham have that he was to personally give to the poor?
Gifts that brothers and sisters from America had made for the poor
Prayer clothes
"India's going to turn _______ pretty soon if you don't watch."
To dictatorship
Brother Branham was to represent the Christian religion before a gathering in the Temple of the _____.
"Amoya" means "an unseen force like the wind."
"So I had to stand up. I'd have been a ________ to Christ if I hadn't."
What does Brother Branham use as an example to explain why he gets weak when he leaves the meeting?
A man hiking up a high mountain
Having to work two jobs
Little boys at a circus
A boxing match
What is the difference of perceiving a thought or reading a mind?
There is no difference
Mind reading is perverted
Mind reading is fake
Perceiving a thought is a lot easier
When God used His gift through Jesus, it tired Jesus.
A man walked on the platform to be prayed for in India, and God showed Brother Branham a vision of his healing. What was the man's affliction?
He was crippled
He was blind
He had gone insane
What happened to the man to cause such a condition?
He was born without eye sockets
He was in a car accident
He was a worshiper of the sun
His living conditions were very poor
Brother Branham said that the men of the other religions would only _______ the blind man, but that wouldn't help him.
What did Brother Branham do after he saw the vision of the man healed?
Had the congregation lay hands on one another
Made every one bow their heads and pray
Took up an offering
Challenged any of the religions there to come give the man his sight
What did Brother Branham do when he prayed for the man?
Put his hands on the man's face
Grabbed his hands
Turned his back to the man
Laid his hand on the man's shoulder
Brother Branham had to leave India with a promise that __________.
He would send more ministers to preach the Gospel
He'd be back again
They would see many more signs and miracles
He would write them letters