60-0515M The Rejected King

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Friday, June 5, 2015

After Brother Branham went through his physical tests at the hospital, he found out he was _______ percent disability.
Only 10%
Less than 20%
Around 30%
Not one speck
What precious, little, old wife washed for fifty cents a day, from before daybreak until after night, to keep her husband on the field as a preacher?
Sister Bosworth
Sister Neville
Sister Kidd
Sister Bose
“Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of _______; and they said, Nay; but we will have a king over us; That we also may be like all the nations; and that our king may judge us, and go out before us, and fight our battles.”
It always was the will of God, and always will be the will of God, for man to rule over one another.
“The last Words of our Saviour was in _______. Said: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.””
Mark 16
Matthew 27
John 20
Luke 23
What we need in the capital of this United States, as a president, what we need in congress, what we need in our halls of justice, is men who have _______.
Consecrated their life to God
Are filled with the Holy Ghost
Are led by His Divine direction
All of the Above
Brother Jack Coe, one of Brother Branham’s converts, was brought to the courts of the land because of asking a young child to remove its braces from its legs, and to walk across the platform. Upon doing so, the child walked across the platform, normally, and fell when it got to its mother. In court, what Bible story did a minister rise up and tell in defense of Brother Jack?
Thomas doubting Jesus and having to see His nail scared hands
Peter walking on water and then sinking when he got scared
The Shunamite woman who was given a child but the child died
Lazarus dying, even though he was the friend of Jesus
That's what Satan tries to do today to every Christian, pluck out his _______, that he can only follow the intellectual sense of things, and not the sense of the Holy Spirit leading him.
Spiritual sight
Supernatural thinking
Carnal mind
Five senses
What did the great denominations want Brother Branham to do, or they would drop him and have nothing else to do with him?
Join their big organizations
Call the tapes back and apologize
Preach only their creeds and doctrines
Close down the Branham Tabernacle
The children of Israel wanted a king because Samuel’s prophecies weren’t perfect, and he came to them for money.
What did Brother Branham call Billy Graham when a Mohammedan challenged him and said, "If your God is God, let Him heal the sick like He said He would do.”?
A backslidden preacher
A polished up theologian
The child of Lot
The son of Kish
When Brother Branham dreamed that he was out West, what had him and his wife been doing in the dream?
Driving to Tucson
Hiking in Sunset Mountain
Trout Fishing
Watching the sunset
When Brother Branham was seeing the millions of his converts crying out, 'Our precious brother!' That Voice that was speaking from above to him, said, "You know, it is written in the Bible, that, ‘The _______ were gathered with their people.’”
That Voice said to Brother Branham, “All that you ever _______, and all that ever _______ you, God has given them into your hand, through your ministry.”
Preached to
Prayed for
What song did Brother Branham sing after explaining his visit to that Land, before he prayed?
Beulah Land
Lord, Let Us Look Past the Curtain of Time
Only Believe
Our Lord Is Coming Back to Earth Again
Brother Branham read an article from one of the nation’s leading magazines that said, “Doctor Billy Graham Invited To The Islam” on the front page of _______, February the fifteenth, 1960.
The New York Times
The Harold of Faith
The Afrikaans Times
The World News
In the article, their response to the Moslem said, “But here again we doubt the writer's sincerity, for who could point out and could dispute the miracles done by Rev. William Branham before the Moslems in South Africa, when _______ received Christ as Saviour?”
Ten thousand
Two thousand
Thirty thousand
Three thousand
The very person that wrote and told Brother Branham that he’d have to _______ his teaching on the Bible, was the one had to write that in their paper. “God will make them praise Him, anyhow…”
Where was Brother Branham going to start for the night service?
2nd Book of Acts
1st Book of Ephesians
John 3:16
Romans the 8th chapter
When Brother Branham told the story of a thought he had when he was very sick, he said, “I thought, "God, what would I give if I could hear somebody stop outside? My wife would say, 'Billy, there's an old gentleman here to see you.' "And here come in a little, bald-headed fellow with the gray whiskers hanging around his face.” Who was the old gentleman he was talking about?
Apostle Paul
Elijah the prophet
Simon Peter